Friday, April 16, 2010

Classic Champ TMC's Remedy's Family

After TMC’s Remedy was able to defend his Distance Classic Championship at Derby Lane recently we decided to check in on the rest of his family to see what they were up to. 
Sister TMC’s Anaconda has had a solid career on the Miami circuit racing at the longer 660 distance, just like her brother, and holding her own against top competition. 
A brother TMC’s Cheasapeak did in fact peak early in his career and reached grade A in sprints at Naples but lately he hasn’t done too much of note. 
Another sister TMC’s Jaylowe is racing at the 550 sprint distance at Derby Lane and over the winter climbed the ladder from grade D right up to an A win just a few weeks ago. 
Another brother TMC’s Mightyfine was just that last winter at Derby Lane as he was a force to be reckoned with in grade A sprints. After a down period last summer it appears that Mightyfine might be resting and regrouping for a return to top quality racing hopefully some time soon. 
Yet another brother TMC’s Trailboss just got done competing in the elimination races for the Hollywood World Classic and appears now to be headed to Wheeling Downs. The "boss" has been just that for the past several months at Derby Lane. Trailboss races at the 550 yard distance and has had a great career up to this point of time and just last fall ran up a seven race win streak. 
One more brother that needed to be watched at Naples over the past two years is TMC’s Watchdog. At one point the Watchdog ran up a nine race win streak at Naples and all the races were in grade A sprints. 
Quite a group that Remedy can call family!
Stay tuned - next week at look at who Flying Coal City calls family...

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