Monday, April 26, 2010

ClockerPicks for this Week

Well @ClockerPicks wants to get into the sand box! Selections of DOGS TO WATCH will be from what we call the independent tracks and we will serve them up on Monday's and follow them throughout the week.

We will tweet them, @TrackInfo, blog them and FB them! 

Here is the list for THIS WEEK: 

Victoryland 4/28E: BC Peggy, race 8 #6, Showman Drive, race 20 #2

Gulf Greyhound 4/27E: U Too Funny Face, race 8 #5, Atascocita Avery, race 8 #7, Gable Touch, race 12 #4

Bluffs Run 4/27A: Slatex Ferrari, race 7 #8 , Competing Forces race 15 #4 - 

That's it folks the competition is on!  

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