Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a fan MarilynBobbie posted on American Greyhounds

"I believe Quick Mcrunfast is the fastest greyhound in America.  If there is a faster greyhound in the Country i would love to see him/her.  This dog is absolutely breathtaking.  I don't know how to post lines anymore but if someone can i would appreciate it.  This greyhound gets from the end of the toteboard to the finish line faster then any greyhound I have ever seen. 

Just like tonight...this dog pulled away from Blaze N Toddie like he was a maiden.  This is one incredible animal!  I'd say he won by 10 or so tonight in a 29:90 and boy he looked just unbeatable."

We decided to do some research - is it true? Is Quick McRunFast the fastest greyhound in America?

First a little history on Quick McRunFast:

Quick is a product of Dodgem by Design and Craigie Sweetwon - from a whelping on April 5, 2008 that produced a litter of eleven.

Quick hit the track in a blaze of glory in October of 2009 - and a mere month later was running AA at Tristate where he continues today. In March Quick rattled off a 5 race win streak. Currently Quick is working on 2 in a row and is due to hit the track the tonight May 12th in race 11 at TriState.

TriState Program

A rundown of his last 15 starts shows: 9 first place finishes, 3 second place finishes, a fourth, a fifth and an 8(a product of a collision on the first turn).

His best time is in a schooling race at 29.83 and his best regulation time is 29.90. Quick holds 6 out of the top 10 fastest times at Tristate but has yet to break the TriState track record at the 550 yard distance which was set in October of 2007 by Jimi Hendrix who ran a 29.68.

Quick Mcrunfast Lines

We found only 32 dogs with runtimes better than 29.90 since the beginning of the year. The following tracks in addition to TriState have dogs that hit the under 29.90 mark at the 550 yard distance: Gulf, Naples, Bluffs, and Mardi Gras.

Gulf leads with the fastest time - two dogs tie at 29.53 - Finn ran a 29.53 on May 2nd and Rough Hustle ran a 29.53 on May 1st.

The 3rd spot was also run at Gulf by Bee's A Winner at 29.56 on May 1st.

By track breakdown: Gulf with 24 dogs, Bluffs with 4 dogs, Naples with 3 dogs and Mardi Gras with 1 dog.

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