Monday, December 20, 2010

SpotLight - CT Buck Wild

CT Buck Wild (click for her lines) has been tearing up the Southland track since she hit it in December of 2008.

Here are her accomplishments to date -

2009 & 2010 Southland Derby Winner 
(Only greyhound in Southland history to win back-to-back titles)
2010 Night of Stars Winner
2010 Southland Inaugural
2010 Chris Chance Memorial
2nd 2010 March Madness
2010 Festival of Stakes Sprint Championship Finalist
14-race win streak 2010
2009 All-American 2nd team
Winner 2009 Southland Barry Baldwin Juvenile

Along with hitting the early nomination list for the 2010 Rural Rube Award "CT" on Saturday Night December 18th she won her 7th in a row:

"7 in a row tonight with a sick rush to the first turn after breaking evenly with the field.  I could hear a little chuckle by Dave as she looked for a brief moment to be in trouble and 1 second later the race was over -10 plus lengths I'd say."

What a special night for her! Along with the 7 in a row she reached her 80th win mark. 

Congrats to a truly special greyhound athlete.

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