Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kelsos Ace High trumps distance time

NGA Greyhounds -- Wednesday night Lester Raines Kennel's Kelsos Ace High (Kelsos Fusileer-Kelsos Picilino) clocked a new season's best time over the 660-yard course edging out the previous 37.31 with a new 37.27 at Derby Lane.
Nova Kennel's Hi Noon Maestro (Dodgem By Design -Flying Micheel) held the best time of 37.42 and reset it later to 37.31 for trainer Rosa Gibbs. Maestro was in the lead and put forth a winning effort, but was no match for the charging Ace High who won by two and a half-lengths on Feb. 9. Trained by Ken Lesperance the 76-pound male competes at both the 550 and 660-yard courses and has been the betting favorite five of his past six starts. Ace High is among the top dogs in the Raines kennel being considered for the upcoming Sprint Classic that starts Feb. 19.
Other news: Lesperance could also be defending the kennel title on February 12 in the Rotary Governor's Feature race. Last year the kennel won with Cold Fusion. The Rotary Governor's feature is Saturday matinee Feb. 12.
Red Oak Racing's Flying Star Wars (Trojan Cruze-Kay Star Steal) seeks three in a row on his quest to the top of the graded ladder Thursday night Feb. 10. The 75-pound male lived up to his pre-race hype and won his Maiden debut by 11 and then came back to win his Grade D handily. Rumors were put to rest when questioned about entering the young star in the upcoming Sprint Classic.
"Even if he won his next two starts moving him to grade A he (Star Wars) is too inexperienced for the upcoming Sprint Classic," said trainer Paul Giguere. "He will definitely have enough experience by the time the Gold Trophy Juvenile race starts in May."   By Vera Rasnak, at NGA Greyhounds News.

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