Monday, February 28, 2011

NGA News - Aerial Battle new Classic leader

NGA News  -  The drama continued in Saturday night's third round of the Sprint Classic.

The first heat saw the undefeated betting favorite Odd Inspector, TMC's Pistol and SE's Wired collided in the first turn. Inspector was hit hard and was unable to recover in time and finished seventh to collect one point. Pistol was knocked down and finished last scoring no points. SE's Wired, who ran impressively in round two taking second place points, was forced to settle for sixth place and only two points.

Kiowa JSK Gustaf, who was near the bottom with 14 points, upset the field when he overtook Aerial Battle in the homestretch for the win. That victory moved Gustaf into the top five. Gustaf paid $24.80 to win and the superfecta (6-3-7-5) that included Gustaf, Aerial Battle El Mossy Oak and PD Dark Express paid $7,498.20. Aerial Battle's second place points moved him to the top with 36 points that secured him a slot in the March 5 final.
Floyd & Porter kennel's M's Free Hand was the betting favorite and the winner in race 10. That moved him into second place just one point behind Aerial Battle, as the two move to the semifinals on Wednesday night. Backwood Cody ran an impressive race closing rapidly from sixth to score second place points followed by Hi Noon Renegade and Kiowa Class King that completed the superfecta. Free Hand paid $$7.40 to win. The superfecta with three of the four favorites paid $758.60 to win. LL's Dormarbuddy and Celtic Dream, who won their round three post in the draw by lot, were crowded early and finished sixth and eighth, respectively. The draw for the semifinal rounds will be held Monday night at 6:30 pm and will be posted on Vera's News immediately following. Below are the current point totals for the semifinalists for the Wednesday night March 1 semifinals in point order.
Aerial Battle, Capabal-36 points
M's Free Hand, Floyd & Porter-35 points
Odd Inspector, Charter-33 points
Kiowa JSK Gustaf, Patriot-30 points
Hi Noon Renegade, Nova –26 points
Kiowa Class King, Patriot-24 points
Backwood Cody, Campbell-24 points
EL Mossy Oak, Nova-22 points
TMC's Pistol, O'Donnell-20 points
M's Free Agent, Floyd Porter-20 points
Mohican Mink Mae, O'Donnell-19 points
PD Dark Express, Cal Holland-19 points
Alan Green, Cal Holland-17 points
SE's Wired, Red Oak-13 points
LL's Dormarbuddy, Capabal-12 points
Celtic Dream, D'Arcy-10 points      
by Vera Rasnake

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