Saturday, March 12, 2011

Is there a return to racing at Phoenix on the horizon?

from a posting on American Greyhounds 
There's been a lot of Political fighting going on between our Arizona State government and the Tohono O'odham Tribe from Tucson in regards to building a casino off the reservation.

Here is how it all started. The federal government swapped land with the Tohono tribe that is located on 91st avenue and Northern road. Alot of our citizens here considered what the Feds did was horrible back door move not understanding the full ramifications of this swap. It is situated about a mile and a 1/2 from our entertainment center which is called Westgate Center where our Arizona Cardinals, Phoenix Coyotes hockey team play, a bunch of restaurants, and bar n grills.

The Tohono Tribe wants to build a casino at that site but our Governor and numerous other tribal reservations have sent their lawsuits to the federal government blocking the proposed construction of this casino.

We had a proposition vote done in approx 2001 where the citizens of Arizona voted "No" by a small margin to keep Casino Gambling on the Reservation. They didn't want Slots at the horse or dog track with this proposition vote.

Our State Gaming compact also states that Casino Gaming must be kept on Tribal reservation. If this Gaming compact is violated in any form, then the "Poison Pill" will be invoke and casino gaming will be opened up to our local business including the horse and dog track.

This is the reason for the numerous other tribal communities filing lawsuits too against the Tohono tribe blocking this propose casino site.  The other tribes have expressed the same consequences to the Tohono if they succeed in this venture with approval from the federal government.

There were two lawsuits sent on behalf of the state and the city mayor of Glendale.
To receive a legal clarification of this land being called a reservation within our City Limits, and if they are awarded reservation status then the other lawsuit is for blocking the construction of proposed casino on this site because it violates the compact of off livable reservation and because of high schools and residential communities within a mile of the proposed site.

So this is a short review where we stand with this issue.  If this tribe gets their way from the federal government, it will open up free enterprise for our business including the horse and dog track.

This is the reason why our senators are introducing proposed bills with tax rates for our proposed slot business if it goes the tribes way.

I tried calling our Area NGA rep to see if he is aware of these issues but I haven't received a call back yet.

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