Friday, March 11, 2011 - Feature Races for Saturday - For Saturday Evening we will be looking at the 4th, 7th, 9th, 11th, and 15th races.
Race 4 is a B 550 race with a power pair on the outside part of the racetrack. Gm's Cashman, and the always speedy, Orion Lee should prove to be a formitable pair to try and beat in this effort. Cashman is so much better than the efforts that he has been putting out. I know he has been running in the money, but this NOS winner should be pasting grade B fields and he just hasn't. He needs to break better and with the speedy Orion Lee next door he might get the boost he needs chasing him to and thru the turn. But if Orion Lee gets off to a big enough lead he might have to settle for yet another start amongst the second best fields at the racetrack. Either way you like them, this should be a heated battle throughout and one of this pair is going to take home the win tonight. (7-8-1-2)

Race 7 is an A 550 race where WW's Gucci looks to get back to winning after just missing the 3-peat in her last effort. Tonight the early speed on either side should leave her early on and give her plenty of room to rush the turn. Late both of the early speeders will be hard pressed to keep her out of the winners circle at the finish line. Whatever it takes is just what she is going to give in this race. Speaking of the posted up early speed, Mw Springer and Dutch Amy both have a shot here too. If either can gain control, and get some help, both could pull off the upset tonight. (2-3-1-5)

Race 9 is a B 660 race where a pair of posted greyhounds should go head to head for the win. I'm jumping on board once again with the streaking Power Exchange. This greyhound can rip off a few in a row and already has back to back jacks in his lines. The one box is his favorite post, and tonight he will leave the field seeing red at the finish line. Hanks Amber might lack a bit of experience to Exchange, but she makes up for it with talent and breeding. Dad could run with the best over 550 and 660 and passed some of that on to her. She likes it wide, just like Deco Deano, and will factor near the lead for the duration of this effort. (1-8-5-4)

Race 11 is an A 550 race that might come down to the river to declare a winner. Vanessa Rousso is all about the closing speed and can really come home and get short greyhounds before the wire. Here it's almost fair as she gets to see everyone else's hole card, as she starts off from her best box, the one! She is a monster wearing red and no matter the lead, she is going to get it done. Here her kennelmate Uss Fine Touch should lead early, but late everyone, the stalkers, closers, and Vanessa should all get to him. Multi grade A winner, Braska Happy will be in the mix, and keep an eye out for upstart Snj Ginger too. If they decide to fire at the start, they might not get touched in this race. (1-3-2-5)

Race 15 is an A 660 race that is chalk full of supreme talent. Here we have the winner of the 2011 Orange Park Derby, Hallo My Pear, the red hot Really Gonnarock, and the former 9 race in a row winner earlier this year Kiowa Deli Dee. Even though Deli Dee is coming off a big box to wire win, Really Gonnarock gets the slight edge with the post position. Plus he can do the one thing that Deli can't, win without the early lead. With 4 wins in 6 trips, including 2 from the only rail posts that he has had, this red runner will be tough to deny tonight. Look for Deli Dee to be out like a shot and get nipped late as Hallo My Pear presses the pace to the stretch. Don't forget RC Mini Power either. She could surprise if she gets close early. (1-4-7-6)

Saturday - 3/12/2011
On Saturday Matinee we will take a peek at the 3rd, 7th, 11th, 12th, and 15th races.

Race 3 is a M 550 race where the queen of 660's, Santa's Playgirl, offspring looks to get her first win. This pup has been very competitive so far at Orange Park and gets the added bonus in this effort with the rail. Just like mom she can get it done, she needs to put it all together in one effort. Today she grows up in a big way and shows everyone just what she can do. Her only threat should be the closing Dutch Cruzefast from a great 8 box. If he can get around close, he might have a shot at the upset. (1-8-3-5)

Race 7 is an A 550 race where the red hot Kiowa Adara Art looks to keep up his winning ways. He has come out strong in back to back races and has taken home a pair of wins in the process. The 5 box is not the rail, but if he breaks it really doesn't matter much. From behind he is not as strong, so he needs to hit the lid to have the streak continue. He will be pressed throughout by Gs Quasimoto to his inside and Stride With Me to his outside and if the always unpredictable Lady Gator decides to run again, this race could turn into a real barnburner in the stretch. (5-3-8-7)

Race 11 is an A 550 race that could be won by a couple of different greyhounds. Clear the best early speed and strongest to the turn greyhound is Kiowa Kind Gel, but the 5 box might interfer with the best laid plans of Mice and Men! Black Licorice might be the one to beat, but breaking on top from the one box might be his only saving grace. He is wide, wide, wide, and this a tough box for him to run from. Miami On Fire was a stakes finalist, that is just started to show signs of retuning to form, but he too is inconsistent. If he wants to go, he too could take the win and the lead. Late there is only one name to look at and that is Switzler Takeoff. This greyhound has gained and made the money in 5 straight, but with a rail crasher next door in the 7, he too might be hindered early. So who wins! Whomever wants it the most! (5-1-4-6)

Race 12 is a B 550 race that is all about post position. Fth Tiger Lilly loves the rail, Did I Say she loves the rail, I think I did, but let me say it again! SHE LOVES THE RAIL! Here she gets the one box and it should be lights out for the competition. She wins in A for fun from this post and this is grade B. Look for this one to be over early on. Great spot play for the win on your wagers. Next best, Dutch Hustle from a great 8 box, and then the closers, Tmc's Bestofshow, and the returning to 550 Changeling. (1-8-4-6)

Race 15 is a B 550 race where post and class are the ruling variables. Dutch Buckeye is was faster than anyone else in this field and this one box is going to remind him of that. Even if he sits a big early, no one is going to be able to steal enough to hold him off at the wire today. All he needs to do is smell the leaders in this race, and this race is his to lose. Other A drops to consider for best of rest, Bh's Doitmyway and KB's Iron Mike. (1-3-7-4)

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