Monday, April 11, 2011

NGA News - Big Jax weekend

Kelly Clark for NGA News -- Time for another installment of great greyhound racing here at the Orange Park Kennel Club this weekend. This weekend we have a good mix of quality runners, rising puppies, stakes winners, and even a All-American. Spot plays oh plenty are dotted throughout the card, so grab your cash and get ready to wager on some great talent at the Orange Park Kennel Club.

On Friday evening we will look at the 2nd, 7th, 10th, 11th, and 15th races on the card.

Race 2 is a C 550 with a ton of talent looking for a rebound. Talk about double drops, we have 3 lurking about here and all could have a chance to win this effort. Scottish Dreamer is hot off the stakes rounds and gets a good inside post. Miss Kate has been running ok, but has had some rough racing luck as of late. If she clears early, game over. Fth Tiger Lilly needs the rail in the worst way and will have to work from the 5 box to get there, and you can never forget the early speed in the 1 box, Ahk Ardkill Bud. (3-7-5-1)

Race 7 is an A 550 race that should be a good matchup between the newcomer and the veteran. Gs Uncle Henry is running in his first grade A race after winning 4 of his first 5 starts. This greyhound has skills and gets the one box to boot. He could be tough to beat tonight. Orion Lee will be doing his best to get it done though. He has been breaking well and is hot off a win. If he comes out running, this is going to be a barnburner. (1-5-2-6)

Race 10 is an A 550 race were we should already declare the winner as Really Xtreme. He just demolished a stakes field by almost 8 lengths and tonight he starts in the one box. Granted he might not hit the lid like last time out, but close is all he has to be to get it done. Trying to ruin his plans, early speeder Kiowa Vanessa and 2010 All-American Eds Budby. Back on track over 550, this should be a warm up race for his return to 660 yards. Remember though he can sprint too and finished 2nd in the 2010 James J Patton Silver Cup, ahead of Xtreme who finished 4th. (1-6-3-4)

Race 11 is an A 550 race with the hottest greyhound going at the racetrack going to post from the 7 box. Where's Donna has won her last 5 races in a row and has not missed the quiniela in 8 straight starts. She is not short and she has been breaking very well. Look for her to do what needs to be done to win once again. The competition gets tougher though as the stakes dogs return. Watch out for Braska Happy and Eds Joy of Pride. Hot off the rounds and ready to threaten, they could be upset minded. (7-4-1-8)

Race 15 is an A 660 race and Kiowa Trent Tovi looks to get back on track after seeing his win streak stopped at 5 in a row in his last effort. From the lead or from behind this greyhound is a threat to win any race. He does need to be close early to get it done though. He won't be in the lead early, but somehow he finds a way to win this effort over the 2010 Orange Park Derby Winner, and ankle burner, Hallo My Pear. Make sure to watch out for Pat C Hostage though as he can upset late when he wants to run. (7-3-4-2)


Saturday - 4/9/2011
Saturday evening sees our next set of races, the 3rd, 7th, 11th, 13th, and 15th on the card.

Race 3 is a M 550 race and even though it's just a puppy race but we have to take a look because Gs Nike looks just that good. I know these are just schooling races, but wins by 10 and 18 1/2 are really nothing to sneeze at, oh and did we mention that his times were the fastest on both schooling nights. His 2nd trip was in 30.87 seconds and faster than what the 2010 All-American Eds Budby ran. OOOOHHHHH! Against this field, he is just too much! I think this could, ok will, get U-G-L-Y! (4-7-8-5)

Race 7 is an A 550 race and the DQ shipper could be the surprise of this effort. DQ has had great success in the past by bringing in red hot running from Daytona, and Chaz Is The Best looks like another good candidate. How about 6 wins in a row, including his last effort by 14 and a half lengths in a near track record run of 30.03 seconds! Sound good enough for me, but the competition here is way tougher, so he will need to keep breaking and driving to get it done. Challengers, 4th place finisher in the Jacksonville Sprint Classic, Mandy of Ruckus, in the 1 box, and almost stakes finalist Vanessa Rousso. (5-1-4-7)

Race 11 is an A 550 race that should be a heated battle on the lead and late for the win. The better of both might just be Kiowa Adara Art. Hot of the best run of his career, 2nd in the finals of the 2010 Jacksonville Sprint Classic, Art is poised to continue on his winning ways. Tonight he will be close enough early to threaten, and once he takes over, he will be strong enough to hold on for the win. Leading early will be Se's Racen Rambo and late the challenge will come from supercloser La's Reba. Art best them both tonight. (3-1-7-2)

Race 13 is a C 550 race might just turn into a 2 greyhound race. Pat C Move Over not only won his race last time out, he destroyed the field. He left them in his lurch as he crossed the line almost 11 lengths clear of the competition. Here from another good inside post position, all he has to do is be around early and this race is his to lose. He gets help as the best early speed greyhound is right next door. Itsa Mr. Big is a nice looking pup with loads of early speed, but he pays for it in the stretch. He is short as everyone comes to the wire, so a big break will be needed in this effort. If he can steal enough early on, he has a chance a the upset. More likely, leading till late, he gives his all and gets denied at the wire. (3-4-8-6)

Race 15 is an A 660 race that looks like a do over with the same results. The top four greyhounds last time out, race against each other again tonight and I think they all make it back to the money. Flying Glenda is the best breaker, but she will get caught late again. In steps Ww's Gucci over to 660 yards and gets another 1 box in this effort. Last time out and hard closing win, tonight a repeat performance. Swapping spots, the closing Really Gonnarock and Kiowa Trent Tam. Both are talented and if any of these decide to come out running, each and every one of them could take home the win. These four should be a solid play in the cash tonight. (1-5-4-2)


Saturday - 4/9/2011
Saturday matinee is up next with the running of the 2nd, 9th, 11th, 12th, and 15th races.

Race 7 in an A 550 race that will be highly contested. Loads of talent and hot running greyhounds in this race. So you need to look for advantages where you can. Mr Barret gets a rail post for the 5th straight time and in each of the previous offerings he has finished in the money, 1 win, 2 places, and a fourth place effort. Here he has better early speed than the greyhound in the 1 box , so it's off to the races. Others to think about, the threatening Kiowa Jill Smile, the speedy if close Touch My Hand, and the resurging stakes star Raiders Bart. (2-4-7-8)

Race 9 is a B 550 race that features one of the fastest greyhounds at the racetrack. Kiowa Smedley is as fast as he wants to be, but the problem is that you never know when he feels like running. Down in grade B he has a distinct class edge over the competition and will make the most of it in this effort. Last time out in grade B, from a similar post position, he took home the win. Watch him get up late and get back amongst the best at the racetrack in this effort. (7-1-2-3)

Race 11 is an A 550 race where the hot running from the Lester Raines kennel continues on. Seeking Beauty is a bit of an all or nothing greyhound, but right now the ALL button is lit up like a Christmas tree. With strong back to back wins, she is running red hot and let's not to mention the 30.33 time in her last race. SUPER FAST! Here she gets inside again, ouch for the competition. The one to catch might be the kennelmate though. Concerto Spirit has the best early speed and the one box, he will be looking for the upset on the lead today. (2-1-4-6)

Race 12 is a B 550 race and in the immortal words of Scrappy Do, It's Puppy power time. Rs Bailys Best is a fantastic looking pup from the Stacey Blanch Kennel. So far she has not been touched in official races and she is not just winning, she is dominating. How about winning by 7, 14, and a closing win last time out, as she has been crossing the line in grade A times. Sure there is A drops here and they might make her work for it, but I see undefeated to grade A. (7-5-3-1)

Race 15 is a B 550 race and class should decide just who takes home the win in this today. Howdoyoulikethat is far the class of this field and he would be even tougher to beat if he drew an inside post position in this effort. He will make due though and might even be able to make the lead against this field. If he does see the front, this race is over early on, if not he still will have a chance to win. His biggest threat has to be the unpredictable Buck Whaley. Front or nothing much? When this greyhound breaks, he is oh so tough, without the front end, not so much. Let's not forget the closers either, ie, Kane's Commanche and Maverick Vanessa. (6-3-7-2)


Sunday - 4/10/2011
Capping off the weekend we look at the 4th, 6th, 7th, 9th, and 11th races for Sunday matinee.

Race 4 is a D 550 race that might just be hard to win. Advantage to the experienced one, Kiowa Voneisha. A double grade dropper, Voneisha has good early speed and is frankly just plain out more talented and faster than anyone else in this field. Puppies and ship ins abound around her, but her knowledge of the racetrack and how to get out quickly and drive all the way to the finish line will prove immeasurable in this effort. (2-6-7-1)

Race 6 is a D 550 race and it proves that sometimes the lines don't tell the whole story about a greyhound. Lns Getover That is so much better than her lines show. She has grade A talent and has been plugging along in grade D. So what will make the difference here, THE POST POSITION! She loves the rail and finally gets back to the 1 box in this effort. She has not been under 10-1 in her last 5 races, so get on board now and you may even get a price on her in this effort. (1-3-5-4)

Race 7 is an A 550 race that will turn into a battle royal on the front end. There are early speed greyhounds all over the place in this race. Inside, midtrack, outside, everywhere! So talent and experience will help the greyhounds outwit and outlast the others. Hs Babe and Gm's Dale both fit that mold. Each have run their last several efforts in grade A, but of the two Babe is a bit less short at the end of the race and should be able to prove best. Other contenders, Gs Angelo and Mister End Zone. (4-6-3-7)

Race 9 is a B 550 race that might as well be named REDEMPTION! Both On The Fly and Gm's Cashman have been stakes finalists in the past and have seen much brighter times than what they have been having recently. Don't get me wrong they are running tough, but this is grade B, and the competition is easier than running against the best at the racetrack. Here they get to match up against each other, and if either one is going to win, they probably will have to run from off the pace to get it done. Both have the tools, who moves back to A in this effort? We will see. (5-6-3-7)

Race 11 is an A 550 race and I will dub the Masters in tribute to the tournament this weekend. Gs Tee Up and Sir Sinclair, you know golf and royalty, what better duo could you have? NONE! Here both greyhounds have a shot to win and both are on quite a red hot run. Sir Sinclair has won back to back races in grade A, and 3 of 6, but all of those starts have come from the 1 box. Here he starts off in the 4 box and if he doesn't break, the outcome could be a bit different. Gs Tee Up has been on a mission since he exited the stakes rounds and has seen new life. He has won twice in his last 3 races and one of those was by 10 lengths. If they both clear early, this is going to be one heck of a battle! (4-5-6-2)
By Kelly Clark

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