Wednesday, April 13, 2011

NGA News - Spring Meet: Wednesday results, & more notes!

NGA Spring Meet Schooling Results—Wednesday, Apr. 13, 2011

17 races: Dragged after 10; no water
(HS = Hand School-untimed; SC = Scratched)
Nominator ran every 4th race (Ex: Races 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, etc.); Number following name indicates nominator’s first race.

GORDON HEATH—(Race 1) 30.25, 30.33, 30.57, 30.79, 30.60
KEN BROTHERTON—(Race 2) 30.56, 30.61, 30.92
HELEN STOUT—(Race 3) 30.32, 30.80, 30.74, 31.10
JEFF COLE—(Race 4) 30.83, 30.65, 30.85
MYRTLE ERWIN—(Race 14) 31.00, 30.94

Schooling resumes 7:30 a.m. Thursday (Apr. 14)

Some additional items to keep in mind as you prepare to attend the NGA's Spring Meet (Apr. 18-23) in Abilene:
  • Just because your pup finishes fourth in Round I, but wasn't slow enough to qualify for the Borchers (i.e., 31.90)--that doesn't mean he or she is done for the meet. If the pup's time is among the six fastest of the day for fourth-place finishers, the pup qualifies for either the "Cooler Stake" (for Monday entries) or the "Warmer Stake" (for Tuesday entries), to be staged on Thursday and Friday, respectively. The Cooler Stake is being sponsored by Chad Palmsteen, while the Warmer Stake is sponsored by Steve Schlachter; each his put up $500 in purse money for these new opportunities. A good showing by your pup in either stake could not only make back that entry-fee money (plus), if they run third or better, but it could also up the pup's value in the auction at Meet's end....
  • Often we get asked what to pack to wear during the Meet in Abilene (in fact, we were just asked that again today, by phone). Here's a clue: a week ago, the weather was 90 degrees one day, and in the lower 30s about 36 hours later. Two weeks ago, there was a trace of snow on the ground, and the next day it was in the upper 80s. Something pleasant in-between is what we often get. But as far as what to bring, you guessed it--pack a little bit of everything!
  • A quicker track produced some lower 30-second times Tuesday morning (30.14 the fastest...see schooling results elsewhere on website), with more of the same expected by week's end. Right now, a common prediction is that about 240 pups will be entered in the meet, with about 85 percent of those going in the auction....
  • Racing stock auction deadline is noon Wednesday. Final deadline for the remainder of Track Stake entries is 10 a.m. Saturday, with the draw an hour later.

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