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NGA News - Wheeling Island highlights

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Rough Shod, littermates shine at Wheeling

The chances of five littermates making the grade at Wheeling Island are pretty slim.  It doesn’t happen very often, but C And C Kennel trainer Patrick Bever is optimistic he has the group to do it.
CTW Rough Shod, CTW Rapid Rover and CTW Rosemary already have impressed while CTW Roulette and CTW Roustabaout should be breaking in later this spring. They are April 2009 greyhounds out of Trent Lee-Tk Ursula and owned by David Peck.

“It’s a rarity to have this many from one litter make Wheeling, but we knew from the beginning they had the potential,” Bever noted. “It’s exciting and a boost to the kennel when you get a litter move up the ladder like they have. I think all five will make Grade AA.”
Both Rapid Rover and Rosemary have made Grade AA, while Rough Shod’s next start will be in Grade A after winning three straight races (Maiden and Grades C and B) to open his career.
“From day one, we knew Rough Shod was the best of the litter. In the morning, he turned in the fastest times since Trent Lee,” Bever said. “I look for him to be a solid Grade AA racer and possibly the next Speedy Trent.”
CTW Speedy Trent was the winner of last year’s $100,000 Wheeling Island Invitational.  After Rough Shod’s debut was delayed by a minor ailment, he “came out ready to run once he hit the track,” Bever said.  Rough Shod won a pair of schooling races by 13 1/2 and 10 1/2 lengths before breaking his Maiden in a 12-length romp and capturing Grade C by 5 lengths. In each of those races, the youngster sprinted to the top early.  “He has wicked speed to the turn and once he’s on top, he never looks back,” Bever said.

In his Grade B victory, Rough Shod cleared the first turn third, set his sights on the frontrunners down the backside and easily roared to the front coming home — winning by 4 lengths.  “With the level of competition at Wheeling, it’s a little scary going up the ladder so fast. You have a lot of older Grade AA dogs with a lot of experience,” Bever said. “I don’t think he’ll get the lead all the time in the upper grades, but those are challenges he’ll face. With the heart and drive he’s displayed and his times, I think he’ll do just fine.”
Rough Shod has eclipsed the 30-second mark three times — once in schooling and in his Grade C and B wins.
Rapid Rover climbed the ladder to Grade AA in eight starts, a surprise to Bever.  “He never won in morning schooling, but he always came hard at the end,” Bever said. “The potential was there, but I never thought he’d be in Grade AA so quickly.”
Rapid Rover has hit the trifecta ticket in eight out of his 10 career starts, including a win and a third in Grade AA. In one stretch he won four out of six races — Grades C, B, A and AA.  “He’s got a decent break and good rush to the turn. It doesn’t seem to bother him having dogs around him,” Bever said. “He runs the turns and straightaways hard. He’s pretty well-rounded.”
Despite his age and inexperience, Bever said Rapid Rover also has displayed track sense.  “If he sees a spot open, he’s going to take it,” Bever said. “I’ve seen him duck and weave to get position.”
Rosemary made Grade AA in 12 starts, but dropped back to Grade A after a second and a fourth in five top grade races. She has 5 wins, 3 seconds, 1 third and 4 fourths in 20 trips.  “She has a lot to learn, but in time and more starts I think she’ll be a steady ticket dog in Grade AA,” Bever said.

In her five wins — by 7, 4 (twice), 3 1/2 and 2 lengths — Rosemary jumped out to early leads and breezed to easy victories.  “I like Rosemary out in front. At times, she has so much speed to the turn she doesn’t know what to do with it and goes wide,” Bever said. “As Rosemary develops, she’ll find out where she wants to be on the racetrack.”

Bever said Roulette may be ready for schooling in a couple weeks while Roustabaout is expected to arrive in Wheeling next week.  “The whole group has been unbelievable. They love being here and they all love to run,” Bever added. “They’re a win-win situation — for the owner and for the kennel.”

Wheeling Hot Dogs

Wayne Ward Kennel’s Kiowa Starz Seth has three straight victories (A, AA) for trainer Ron Otto. Kennel-mates Kiowa WW Devera has three wins and four seconds in his last seven Grade AA starts, WW’s Patriots (AA 3/8) and WW’s Power Puff (B, A, AA) have won three out of their last four outings and WW’s Dog Gone has back-to-back Grade AA wins.

Charter Kennel’s Oshkosh Nakayla has won three out of her last four Grade AA trips for trainer Rodney Cooley.

Gable Kennel’s Gable Eddie has back-to-back Grade AA victories for trainer Wayne Piquette. Kennel-mate Gable Jacob has two wins and two seconds in his last four races.

A Ray Kennel’s UCME Chickaboom (AA) and AMF Blow Gun (B, A) have two straight victories for trainer Joe Palmer.

Ryan Farms Kennel’s Tactician has won three out of his last four outings (C, B, A) for trainer Mick D’Arcy.

Steubenville Kennel’s Kiowa Heart Pain has back-to-back wins (B, A) for trainer Debbie Schweizer.

Steve Sarras Kennel’s Oaks Gem Brandy has two victories in a row (B, A) for trainer Robert Allen.
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