Monday, June 27, 2011

NGA News - Bluffs Kennel race tightens

NGA News -  The Boeckenstedt Kennel sliced Bean & Stout’s lead in half as the $60,000 Kennel Championship reached the halfway point with the June round on Saturday, June 25, at Bluffs Run.

Trailing Bean & Stout by 15 points, Boeckenstedt’s four greyhounds scored 42 points and now trail the leader 211-204.

L’s Zakarack, a recent finalist in the $60,000 Juvenile Stakes, pulled away for a two-length win in Grade A while Boc’s Mc Diffy rallied in the homestretch for a two-length win in Grade C to pace Boeckenstedt. L’s Fray added a second in Grade D for the kennel.

Bean & Stout had a decent round with 34 points. The veteran PG Tiger, a two-time All-Bluffs Run selection, won in Grade A by two lengths with a homestretch rally for Bean & Stout.

Bartley Corporation moved up a spot to third place with 178 points. Bartley scored 33 points in June. Barts Kasey Lee held on to win by a neck in Grade D to pace the kennel.

Seastrom-Lovely jumped five spots in the standings to fourth with 173 points, thanks to a 39-point effort. Ozark Inman pulled away in the homestretch to win by three lengths in Grade C to pace Seastrom-Lovely.

Hardison had the best round in June, scoring 43 points. Doitforme Chucky and Raizo won for the kennel. Chucky rallied in the homestretch to win by a nose in Grade B. Raizo went box-to-wire with an impressive eight-length win in Grade D.

The seventh round of the Kennel Championship is set for Saturday, July 16.

The standings:

Bean & Stout 211; Boeckenstedt 204; Bartley Corporation 178; Seastrom-Lovely 173; Plum Creek 171;

Mickim 165; Wilhite 162; Blake & Black 159; Petzold 156; Hardison 150;

Harlan Brothers 141; Legg 136; Woodall 126; Keeper-Red Rock 100; River Bluffs 93.
By Steve Sigafoose

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