Friday, June 17, 2011

NGA News - Magic Finch & Flying Marvelous highlight Derby qualifiers

NGA News -  The races and posts have been drawn for the 85th annual St. Petersburg Derby-the second longest running stakes race in North America. Thirty-two greyhounds have been entered for the June 18 qualifiers. The top four finishers in races 4,6,8 and 10 will compete in semifinals Wednesday night June 22. Among the list of entries is this year’s Distance Classic champion Magic Finch from the Abernathy kennel. Finch was pulled from the active list in April for a minor injury and schooled back just in time for another distance stakes.

The Greyhound internet chat rooms have lit up about McAllister kennel’s Flying Marvelous. She is an impressive newcomer who could steal the show. The phenomenal female has only had six official starts and won five of them. She is seeking a fifth consecutive distance win in the first round. She faces off with Magic Finch in race eight. USS Gazillionair (Raines kennel) that was last year’s Fall Juvenile champion and this year’s Distance Classic runner-up is also competing in the series. Gazillionair was also a finalist in the Matinee Idol and T. L. Weaver stakes this season. He competes in race six Saturday.

St. Petersburg Derby Qualifying
Race 4 Saturday Night June 18
1-Flying Eyelet, McAllister
2-M’s Dream Lady, Magic City-Mighty Fine
3-Jack’s Storm, Cal Holland
4-Magic Smoke, Abernathy
5-Galway, D’Arcy
6-Dancin Rainman, Nova
7-Starz Brave One, Alderson
8-Greta’s Shanghai, Capabal

St. Petersburg Derby Qualifying
Race 6 Saturday Night June 18
1-Strike It Up, Charter
2-Flying Masago, McAllister
3-USS Gazillionair, Lester Raines
4-Ilikeitwithpeach, Red Oak Racing
5-Kiowa JSK Gustaf, Patriot
6-Kiowa Rousey, O’Donnell
7-Daring Diva, Royal Racing
8-Tortuga Trophy, D’Arcy

St. Petersburg Derby Qualifying
Race 8 Saturday Night June 18
1-Magic Finch, Abernathy
2-Backwood Albert, Campbell
3-Flying Marvelous, McAllister
4-Kiowa Fly Army, Patriot
5-Kiowa Sky Selma, O’Donnell
6-Strike Out King, Charter
7-Hammered Tight, Red Oak Racing
8-OK Barry, Capabal

St. Petersburg Derby Qualifying
Race 10 Saturday Night June 18
1-HEL’s Road Dog, Campbell
2-Hi Noon Maestro, Nova
3-Kentucky Fire, Cal Holland
4-TMC’s Jail Bait, O’Donnell
5-Chugalugger, Magic City-Mighty Fine
6-Storm Rush, Royal Racing
7-Upgraded, Lester Raines
8-Kiowa Powerll, Patriot
By Vera Rasnake

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