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NGA News - OPKC weekend update

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Friday - 6/17/2011

Great racing is on tap once again at the Orange Park Kennel Club this weekend. We have a little bit of everything going on, so if you like the stars, we got you covered. If you like the pups on the rise, we got you covered. If you like the veterans, we got you covered, and if you like the spot plays we have you covered. So tune in, and wager strong this weekend at the Orange Park Kennel Club.

The first races we will look at are the ones for Friday evening. Races 4, 7, 10, 11, and 15.

The 4th race might be a grade D 660 race, but three spot plays stick out to me. Pj's Favor Tasha has won in grade A 660 before and is down 3 grades here with a better post position. La's Reba can close with the best of them and is La's Lucy's sister and don't forget about Bh's Simplyclass. Down a couple grades and enough early speed to lead and maybe win. (3-8-7-1)

Race 7 heads to grade A and the red hot running On The Fly gets the nod. Tough from behind, tougher from the lead, she is too close too early not to win, but she will have to work to get it done. Ship In Showtime Wilber and Raiders Bart are both running off a grade A win in there last effort, and everyone might just have to catch Se's Rodney Red on the lead if they want to win. (6-8-7-2)

Only one name you need to know in the 10, Really Xtreme. Xtreme is the best that the racetrack has to offer up right now and he is firing on all cylinders since returning to live racing. Last time out he flirted with the track record and with another solid break he will make it three straight in this race. Even without the early lead, HE STILL WINS. Play him on top, with the rest. (3-7-2-1)

Race 11 is redemption time for Kiowa Mc Gee. When this greyhound is clear, he is almost untouchable. He has won 4 of 6 races, including a pair from similar post positions, but he has his work cut out for him in this effort. Penrose Jovial put up a 30.37 win by 5 lengths last time out, and hopes for back to back jacks. Let's see who wins out tonight, youth or experience. (7-5-3-6)

Capping off the evening a grade A over 660 with no monsters around. So I'll go with the class, Kiowa Trent Tovi. Only greyhound in the field with an A 660 win showing. Posted well, he will be out around early and find a way to win late. Watch out for Lakeview Lassie too, in her 2nd trip. Loads of early speed and with some help behind, she could be upset minded. (3-8-2-6)

Saturday - 6/18/2011

More fun as the double header rolls on into the night card for Saturday. Here will be page thru the 3rd, 7th, 9th, 11th, and 15th races.

Talented and post take the cake in race 3 of the evening card. Blue Like Froggy is extra tough from the outside and you don't get any wider than the 8 box. In true DQ fashion, look for him to come on strong in the stretch to win, but take notice of Al E Danny and Kiowa Jill Smile. Both are down a grade, fresh off the stakes rounds, and have enough talent to take home a win. (8-2-3-6)

Race 7 is going to be something to watch. Get It Birch is going to make the lead from the outside, but holding on will be a whole different matter. Where's Donna, Big Drama, and Jl's Dutch Jem all have won recently from behind and each and has enough late drive to take home another victory in this effort. Post favors the two inside, but Dutch Jem has something to prove after a lackluster stakes bid. Interesting race, a must see. (3-5-2-8)

Race 9 is another good example of class and speed over the rest. Wp's Lonesumdove has won several races in grade A and gets a good post away from the crowd in this grade B effort. She has great early speed, and when she is on her game, box to wire is a common comment. But can she steal enough to hold on and win this time out? Rck Lightning, JJb Dibaba, and Pat C Manuel will be watching. (7-1-8-3)

Post might be a problem for him in this race, but if recently puppy stakes winner, Gs Uncle Harry breaks, it won't matter at all. Harry is hot name going now, but he has some top talent to contend with here. Posted up solid grade A competitors, Kiowa Adara Art, Gotyourgoodeye, and Vanessa Rousso all have won at the top level of competition. If they get loose early on, any of this bunch could take home the win tonight. (3-5-6-1)

Well what the grade A 660 race lacked on Friday evening, this 15th on the card delivers. Talk about your talent level being high. WOW! Six of the 8 greyhounds in this field have won in grade A in their last 6 lines, some have multiple wins, and one is just an All-American. Here look for Ww's Gucci to rebound from a rough trip with a victory. She is going to have to run down Scottish Dreamer though. This converted sprinter has taken to leading over 660 and almost had her 1st win over the distance last time out. Really Gonnarock is the hottest with back to back wins over almost all of this field, and don't forget Eds Budby won got off the snide last time out with a closing win. (3-5-4-6)

Saturday - 6/18/2011

Saturday Matinee is next and we will look at the 1st, 3rd, 7th, 9th, and 11th races on the card.

Class rules in the 1st race as Miss Kate is down three grades, gets a great starting box, and has enough speed to be around early and take home the win at the wire. Bl Sophie Lou could be a factor too. Moving back from 660 to 550 and down 2 grades with the 1 box, she will be a late threat to the leaders, which just might include Grade Walker. (3-1-2-6)

Puppy battle time in the 3rd race. Maidens heading out for a try at the first win and two stand above the rest. Great looking pups from the top two kennels, Lester Raines, and Willis. Git N Extreme smoked twice in schooling with 3 and 8 length wins, but Gs Kadence was even more impressive last time out with a 12 length romp over the competition. Lookout for the fireworks if they both come to run. (2-6-3-7)

In race 7 you get more of the same as this field is going to have to try and knock Braska Happy off her pedistal. With a good break, a great rush, and a knack for the finish line, Happy has won 2 in a row and 4 of her last 6 starts. She should be able to see the lead again here, and if she does, it's 3 peat time. Trying to threaten will be chaser Gs Grace, Clsoer Lk's Tiara, and break or nothing Rocken Alot. (4-5-8-2)

Race 9 might be a grade B race, but it has grade A talent all over it. Recent stakes finalist, Lk's Mystifier, is looking to find room early, so that she can make a move late and win this effort. Solid in the money play as she has only missed the top for positions once. Who will she have to run down, fellow stakes competitor Gs Stephen. Will speed hold in the matinee? Or, will we be Mystified again? (5-8-2-7)

Race 11 is all about room at the break. Here the edged have advantages as the greyhounds next to them head to the middle of the racetrack. Locall Torino clears early with the 7 headed to the rail, and so does Gm's Cashman as the 2 heads to the outside. Both have stakes caliber talent and it will be on display in this effort. I like Torino a bit more as he has won 3 of his last 5 efforts. (8-1-6-4)

Sunday - 6/19/2011

Sunday matinee will complete the weekends races, so let's look at the 7th, 11th, 13th, 14th, and 15th races on the card.

Tough to pick against a greyhound in his best box, so it's off to the 1 box we go in the 7th race on the card. Cayenne Bighunk loves the rail and head there at the start of every race. Here he starts in red and with a solid break he will be in early control of this race. Can he drive away far enough to hold on again this stout group? Now that is the real question of the day. (1-3-8-6)

Race 11 is a tough nut to crack as several greyhounds could pull of the win if things go their way early on. The rebounders might have the best shot though if things don't so, look at Dutch Hustle. Running well, closing well, and doing well from the rail, here he has the 7 box and that is all he needs to overcome. Gs Shabam gets right where he wants to be, but is up a grade. Fth Tiger Lilly is off a win, but way away from the rail post she covets, and Gs Laney might just be the fastest of this group, but if she breaks too slow, she might just be too far behind to catch up. (7-1-8-4)

Now time for a little pep talk and wake up call in the 13th race for, Mr. Clark. I know you like to run near the lead, I know you can close with the best of them, but down in grade D now? Time to wake up, break and bit, and show this field just what you can do. Forget the post! No speed around you at all. Just come to run and this race will be over early on! Remember they call he MR. Clark! (4-2-7-8)

Race 14 has 3 greyhounds hot off the stakes rounds that are looking to make more a name for themselves at the Orange Park Kennel Club. Watchdasport has just missed in back to back races since exiting the stakes, and so has Al E Conner, but Gypsy Jo And Me did one better as she won her last effort on the front end. All three of these greyhounds have what it takes to win, but the point could really be mute if Kiowa Smedley decides that he wants to run. (1-4-8-7)

Now for the final races and maybe the biggest spot play on the card for Sunday. Gs Emma posted up in a grade B race. She loves the inside and won 2 of the rounds of the puppy stakes from the same 3 box she has in this effort. She has blazing early speed, and being a matinee, she will be able to hold on longer in this effort. I know there are others around here that can break, but none like she can. Out and gone early on for the win today. (3-2-1-5)
By Kelly Clark

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