Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NGA News - Orange Park Kennel Club review

NGA News -  Orange Park Kennel Club review:

6/20/2011 - Xtremely Fast
While Paddy Whacker is rested up after the great run at Mardi Gras in the Hollywoodian, another greyhound is looking to take his title as the fastest greyhound to grace the Orange Park Kennel Club's racetrack.

On February 14, Paddy Whacker lowered the track record at the Orange Park Kennel Club by a hundredth to 30.11 seconds to set an all time mark, but that was just not quite good enough for him. He was not done just yet and he back that up 2 starts later with another record setting effort. On February 24th he lower his one mark to 30.08 seconds with a 12 1/2 length romp over the competition.

Looking to take over that title is the returning best greyhound at the racetrack, Really Xtreme (Afleet Alex - Xtreme Hustler). This winner of the 2010 Jacksonville Juvenile, a finalist in the 2011 Orange Park Derby, and the winner of the 2011 Jacksonville Sprint Classic, Really Xtreme is clearly the best sprinter at the racetrack and after a 2 month rest, he is back with a vengeance.

Since returning to live racing he has not lost a race, 3 wins in a row, and in each start he has gotten faster, and faster, and faster. His last effort was the most impressive of his career as he dominated from the break all the way to the finish line. He left a grade A field in his wake as he stopped the clock just a tick shy of the fastest time ever recorded over the Orange Park oval. His 30.09 second win by 9 lengths was the second best ever and if the trend continues on, his effort tonight might just be a record setting one.
Don't think that Paddy hasn't notices what is going on. He is back at Orange Park and is itching to get back on the racetrack and show everyone just what he can do, and with the upcoming 2011 James J Patton Silver Cup on the horizon, this dynamic duo could be in store for another great battle on the racetrack.

Both of these greyhounds are Xtreme Talents and it has already been proven that they have track record speed, who every uses it best, could be the winner of the next stakes, and if Paddy wants to get even with a title this year, Xtreme already has one, he is going to have to take down his nemesis in the process.

Congratulation to Lester Raines, Owner Deborah Strickland, DADDY Afleet Alex, and Trainer Mike Gerard for all of Really Xtreme's accomplishments.

Congratulations to Bill and Cathy Lambert, Owner Doug and Lisa Riches, and Trainer Jeramiah Haislip for all of the great things that Paddy Whacker has done so far.

The rest of the year looks bright for the Orange Park Kennel Club and our fans, as the quickest greyhounds of all time should provide us with some more thrilling races as they bid for a shot at the best greyhounds in the country in 2011.

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