Thursday, June 23, 2011

NGA News -- Wheeling Hot Dogs (as of June 22)

NGA News -- A Ray Kennel's AMF Effigy has won four out of his last five starts (A, AA) for trainer Joe Palmer.

Vince Berland Kennel's Flying Lita Ford (AA) and HS Bolt (M, C, B) have won three out of their last four races for trainer Pamela Webb.

Steubenville Kennel's Kiowa Lazy Jay has three wins and a second in his last four Grade AA trips for trainer Debbie Schweizer.

Bussmann-Balakas Kennel's Kelsos Lab Top has won three out of her last four marathon starts (A, AA) for trainer David O'Keefe.

Douglas Kennel's EYE Boogie Oogie has won three out of his last four Grade AA outings for trainer James Roche. Kennel-mate D's Dashfor Cash has back-to-back wins (B, A).

Fast Track Racing Kennel's Slatex Diamond has two straight Grade AA victories for trainer Louise Strong.
Wayne Strong Kennel's Bella Diabolic has back-to-back wins (A, AA) for trainer Melinda McCardle.
Darren Henry Kennel's Braska Paul has two victories in a row (B, A) for trainer Terry Green.
By Stan Pawloski

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