Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wheeling Hot Dogs (as of August 17)

 By Stan Pawloski   Thu, Aug 18, 2011

A Ray Kennel's Dakotas Alene has raced to seven straight Grade AA wins for trainer Joe Palmer.

Gable Kennel's Gable Gulp has two victories and a second in her last three Grade AA 3/8 trips for trainer Wayne Piquette.
Charter Kennel's Blackjack Beaver has back-to-back Grade AA wins for trainer Robert Cooley.
Wayne Ward Kennel's WW's Power Puff (AA) and WW's Arithmetic (B, A 3/8) have two straight victories for trainer Ron Otto.
Vince Berland Kennel's HS Lipton has three wins in a row (C, B, A) for trainer Pamela Webb.
Ryan Farms Kennel's Starz Allnatural has back-to-back victories (A, AA) for trainer Mick D'Arcy.
Steve Sarras Kennel's Royal Fury has won three out of her last four outings (M, D, C) for trainer Robert Allen.
Fast Track Racing Kennel's Rum Shepherdface has back-to-back wins (B, A) for trainer Louise Strong.

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