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Orange Park - weekend update - Oct 29th & 30th

Saturday - 10/29/2011
The party continues on Saturday evening as the day remains the same, but the races, they change. Let's look at the 3rd, 7th, 9th, 11th, and 15th.

Normally we don't look at the puppies, but this one, Rs Bush Wacker, looks too good to overlook in the 3rd races. Even though he has not had an official start under his belt as of yet, he has looked impressive in schooling. Winning both trips, including one by 10 lengths, he is ready to make his debut, a winning one. Pressing him throughout will be the ever attentive Bruno Mars. He is always around and playing with the leaders in his effort. Chasing this battling duo will be CBJ Jivan Elvis and Atascocita Zibo. (7-4-8-1)

Tough to ignore Dutch Hustle in the 7th race on the card. Now back in grade A and on a mission, it could be really hard to stop him tonight. His last effort was a win by almost 12 lengths, and tonight he might just repeat that one against a tough A field. Trying to make him work will be, great looking puppy Jeanstagingtowin, closing threat Iwannabeadored, and the extremely posted up Jl's Dutch Jem. (4-3-6-1)

Over to 660 for the 9th race and here the question is can the early speed hold off the late speed and win? NO! Setting the pace to the stretch will most likely be Candy Girl. She is easily the best early speed greyhound in this race and will have a jump at the start over all of the competitors. Late in the race she will pay for it and Gs Tegan looks like the most likely candidate to capitalize on it. She is running red hot and is closing like a truck over 660 in the stretch. Others to consider are the closing monsters Lk's Grand Slam and Wannadobadthings. (6-7-5-3)

Time for a wakeup call in the 11th race on the card. Gs Tee Up is long overdue for the top spot, and without a big time early speeder take the lead, he might just put up a box to wire win in this effort. He gets help too with room early on, so watch out for him tonight. He must pay attention to the tough DQ duo to his inside. Both puppies, Beverly Hillsboy and Weston Away are talented, fast, and can win with or without the early lead in any race. If they come to run, either could upset in this effort. We would also be amiss not to include the ultra closer Vanessa Rousso. She is as fast as she wants to be and can make up ground on anyone late, but that 5 box will be her undoing in this effort. (6-5-4-3)

In race 15 watch out for the heated battle on the early lead. Kiowa Deli Dee is the class of this field, but she needs to be in the conversation early to get things done. She normally is the one to beat to the front end and the wire, but Locall Galaxie beat her to the front end last time out and he could do it again from the 1 box. Late both better have an eye in their rearview mirror for closers Diamond Tears and Kiowa Kay Karl. (3-1-7-8)

Saturday - 10/29/2011
Next up is the feature races for Saturday matinee and the races we will look at are the 1st, 7th, 9th, 11th, and 14th on the card.

Class rules the day in race 1 as the solid dropper, Joe Walsh, is going to be tough to beat. His only drawback here is that he is a late speed greyhound in a matinee. If someone steals a ton early, i.e. fellow droppers Snj Hefeweizen or Easi Goree, he might have a hard time catching them before the finish line. You also have to watch out for, the better than my lines look, Pat C Shiraz, who finally draws an inside post position today. (7-8-6-2)

Post is the most important word for Jayvan in this 7th race. Down a grade and on the rail, this greyhound is poised to make some noise in this effort. He is a big time closer and no matter the early lead, he is going to be too close too soon not to win this effort. Kiowa Kj Gale is riding high of a huge win and looks to repeat, but dropper Lk's All In might just be giving it to everyone on the river. Gs Jocelyn must not be over looked either. Her late speed and her rail post might just be the things she needs to upset. (2-3-4-1)

The class train roles on in the 9th race on the card as the solid droppers will have to contend with the rising starts. Dutch Doniphin is clearly the one to beat to the lead and to the wire in this effort. He has the best early speed and, when he wants to run, he can dominate and win in grade A. He will be pressed though by upstart Sara's Sailor, early speed vet Lk's Caprica, and solid dropper Gs Shabam. If any of these chasers beat Doniphin to the turn, they could switch roles very easily. (4-3-6-7)

Interesting is how I would describe the 11th race on the card. Here we have a great breaker, a great chaser, and a couple of closers trying to take the top spot at the wire. No doubt the posted up Leading Steps will be leading the way to the turn, but can he steal enough to hold on late? Maybe, but he will have to keep the red hot Payday Lily at bay throughout and in the stretch the task gets even harder. Big closers Hs Butane and Gs Casey will be coming with a flourish and it might take a photo at the wire to separate them in this effort. (4-2-8-5)

Trying in vain might be the header for the 14th race as no one beats Stride With Me to the turn, but in the stretch, her best might just not be good enough to win. Granted, if they want to beat her they are going to have to catch her on the lead in the matinee, but Penrose Dude should be up to the task. This puppy has chops and gears and he is not afraid to use them. Dropper Sabil Tator could also contend, and let's not forget about recent winner Brads Baby who will surely be in the mix throughout in this effort. (4-6-2-8)

Sunday - 10/30/2011
We wrap up the weekend with the feature races for Sunday matinee and the 6th, 7th, 9th, 11th, and the 14th.

The 6th race is normally a tough one to pick, but this one looks like you could have a shot at some Tri-Super exchanges. Andre Tippett might not have a win showing, but this greyhound is ready to break thru and today is the day. He has been close several times and this time around, he gets up at the wire and wins. Setting the early pace will be puppy Dutch Jana, or veterans Pat C Misty Blu or Ahk Crossroads. Any of this trio could wire the field on the front end if everything goes their way, but I think they runs each other out and Andre is the man at the wire. (3-2-5-7)

Speaking of being overdue, Wp's Clinton has to win the race sooner or later and I'm going with sooner. He is a good closer that has a solid rush to the 1st turn. He likes this post and his last win in grade A came from here. All he needs to do is stalk early and use what his mama gave him in the stretch to win. The early speed resides with the returning grade A Ride Em Rags, who is hot off a B win, and Gs Stephen who gets his best starting box here on the rail. Everyone should be wary of Lk's Persuasion as he is back at 550 and can come from way off the pace to challenge for the win. (7-5-4-1)

Jumping out on a limb here, well a little limb, with Miss Kate in the 9th race. She is a grade dropper that can dominate on the lead once she gets there. She would rather be on the rail, but with no early speeders in sight, she hits the lid and proves tenacious on top as she returns to grade A. Closing on the pace late will be the posted up solid dropper Lakeview Lassie. Lassie will give her all, but just too little too late in this effort. Tk Dragon is another a dropping closer for Kate to fear tonight, as well as up and comer BB's Alanzo. The only other breaking greyhound, he has a shot to make the lead and upset the apple cart today. (7-1-3-4)

Race 11 is open to anyone that wants to step up and take it, so let's go with a double bonus greyhound. Hardheaded Dude loves the rail, gets the rail, he has enough to be close early, and is not short at the end of races, this combination should allow him to prove best in this effort. That is if Wild Boy Andy or Gs Quasimoto doesn't steal 20 on the field early on. Both of these greyhounds have had great success on the front end, and in the matinee, speed holds. Either could easily win if the mood suits them. Another to consider is Lk's Tiara. This little girl gives her all in each start and might just be upset minded if she can get to the rail untouched. (2-1-5-6)

Last but not least is the 14th race and the soaring Gs Victor. How can you pick against him in this effort? His last race, albeit against a grade D field, he won by an astonishing 14 1/2 lengths. WOW! Is all that needs to be said. From a similar outside post, expect another big time effort today. Trying to foil Victors plans will be the double dropper Sweet Babboo. Finally she has started to find herself again and if she clears close enough, she could go toe to toe to the finish line. Both might have to catch early speeders Kiowa Mon Dolly or Hs Mixy to get the

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