Tuesday, April 29, 2014

From Injury to Triumph... Craigie Gene's greyt story!!

Craigie Gene... This is his story.
Gene was purchased a couple of nationals back from Steven & Julie Everett Boyd. In the mornings, Gene was looking fantastic! We couldn't wait to get him rolling official around the oval! Gene official schooled at Flagler & would continue on to official races after a couple of great qualifiers. He climbed the ladder in an impressive fashion - we were THRILLED that this goofy lovable kid was shining so bright!

Gene was drawn into his first Grade A race on August 20th, 2013... it was time to run with the big dogs. When the box opened, Gene took a bump from one of his rivals & finished several lengths behind the pack. Gene had broken his right hock.

We were located in Miami at the time, but decided that Dr. Ogden at Bonita Veterinary Clinic would be the place to take Gene. (He was ready & willing to see Gene immediately) After a comfy ride in the backseat of the car, James arrived at the clinic in Bonita. Gene received amazing care. He had surgery to correct his hock & returned home to the kennel with us.

Several check ups and cast changes later, Gene was cleared for cast removal! It wouldn't be anytime soon that he would start running again. It took several weeks of keeping a close eye on the way he used his back right leg. Gene started back slowly...taking walks throughout the compound. Next, it was time for some "truck walks" to get him moving at a little bit of a faster pace. We were very impressed with the way Gene was progressing - on to the sprint path!!!

After months of slowly working back, he was gradually let run farther & farther around the oval during his morning schooling hand slips. Now in Bonita, racing at Naples/Ft. Myers, CRAIGIE GENE is back!!! It took him a few starts to get back into the swing of things, but he finally had his chance to WIN HIS GRADE A.

We are so proud of our boy & felt that maybe by sharing his story, you all would be able to feel a little bit of the joy that we have today! The pictures below include two of his x-rays, pictures of James & Sarah with him at the vet, the chart from his first ever grade A win today & a picture of him after his race!

This is just one of the many cases where we can show that injured dogs do not have to end up with the fate that the 'other side' would lead people to believe. We love these dogs & these dogs love to run. Gene is back doing what he loves to do with the people that love and adore him - us.

So that's our feel good story today... We hope that seeing his win can bring a smile to your faces the way that it did for us!!

Shared with permission from: Blanchard Greyhound Racing

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