Thursday, April 10, 2014

Keep Greyhound Racing Alive

Florida Greyhound Association has provided some greyt ideas & tips to help us all keep Greyhound Racing alive:

In your own words, tell members of the Florida Senate and the Florida House how important Live Greyhound Racing is to YOU and your Family! 

Let’s stop the injures at the Tracks NOW by giving the Department of Business and Professional Regulation clear Statute Authority to implement a “3 point safety plan”

  1. Require ALL Greyhound Tracks to maintain proper Track Surface (the University of Florida Vet School can help in developing this standard.
  2. Require ALL Greyhound Tracks to install a safety device to remove the lure (the mechanical arm the Greyhounds chase around the track) from the racing service by remote control that has been very successful in avoiding injuries.
  3. Require ALL Greyhound Tracks to insulate the rail in the middle of the Track that is currently exposing 240 volts to people and animals.
Read more:!Florida-Senate-puts-the-brakes-on-greyhound-racing-de-coupling-as-hearing-melts-down-/cyow/89F2F629-8424-494A-B2B8-0451E121D0A6

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