Monday, August 17, 2015

You Gotta BetUm Tips for August 18th

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Birmingham Tue E, Race 04 #7: COACH HOLDEN
Birmingham Tue E, Race 06 #4: WW'S KAPOW
Birmingham Tue E, Race 09 #7: JAY'S BLUE MOON

Bluffs Run Tue A, Race 07 #8: GO BON DUE SOUTH

Ebro Greyhound Tue E, Race 06 #6: Jacob Radosevich

Derby Lane Tue E, Race 01 #2: Kb's Jayhawk
Derby Lane Tue E, Race 04 #1: Tnt Gran Torino
Derby Lane Tue E, Race 07 #7: Lagro Gee Geewiz

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