Wednesday, September 2, 2015

You Gotta BetUm Tips for September 3rd

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Bluffs Run Thu A, Race 05 #1: GO BON DUE SOUTH

Flagler Thu E, Race 11 #5: Pj Drop Step

Southland Thu T, Race 01 #5: Pj Born Free
Southland Thu T, Race 06 #5: Clickah
Southland Thu T, Race 08 #4: Oshkosh Flicka
Southland Thu T, Race 14 #3: Boc's Bk Roman

Sanford Orlando Thu A, Race 10 #5: T's Tornadoalley

Derby Lane Thu E, Race 02 #3: Penrose Kenny
Derby Lane Thu E, Race 04 #8: Tds Magnum
Derby Lane Thu E, Race 15 #3: Mac's Banana Boy

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