Wednesday, February 3, 2016

You Gotta BetUm Tips for Thursday February 4th

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Daytona Beach Thu A, Race 07 #3: Kells Cowgirl
Daytona Beach Thu A, Race 09 #4: Par Stallion
Daytona Beach Thu A, Race 11 #6: Hashtag Sheldon

Mardi Gras Thu A, Race 03 #4: Tf Abby
Mardi Gras Thu E, Race 04 #7: O Ya C Ya

Naples Thu E, Race 01 #6: Dancin Damoney
Naples Thu T, Race 04 #7: Rockdown Rascal

Orange Park Thu E, Race 06 #3: Sharp N Dazzling

Sarasota Thu A, Race 06 #4: Flying Palermo
Sarasota Thu A, Race 11 #8: WW'S Ringer

Derby Lane Thu E, Race 02 #6: Bnj Bonnie Jane

TriState Thu E, Race 13 #2: Dutch Verona

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