Monday, April 26, 2010

Tucson Sets Stakes Schedule

by TrackData's Staff Writers
There is more than the weather heating up in the desert as evidenced by the recently released stakes schedule for the Tucson Greyhound Park. Brian Duncan, the Director of Racing, has put together an agenda for the old Tucson Track that promises to match the sizzling summer heat with some red hot greyhound racing of their own. First up is the  $10,000 INTERNATIONAL GOLD CUP, a two track competition, against the Caliente track with the final to be raced on May 16th over the Caliente oval in Tijuana, Mexico. Tucson dogs will qualify locally on Wednesday May 12th over the 550 yard distance and then travel south of the boarder for the final on that Sunday. A repeat performance of this event will be staged later in the year as Tucson gets to host the rematch on November 19th. On Saturday July 3rd they run the finals of the “Dash For Cash” over the 316 yard course where its one (turn) and done and only the fastest of the fastest need apply. First Round action for The Sprint Championship kicks off on September 18th with the finals to be run on October 1st. Following the sprinters the distance runners take center stage for their championship to be run over the 685 yard course on Friday Night October 29th.

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