Thursday, April 22, 2010

Who does Flying Coal City call Family?

by Renie Hippler and Jim Smith
After the scintillating Distance Classic at Drby Lane in which TMC’s Remedy, whom we spotlighted last week, nailed Flying Coal City at the wire to retain his distance crown we decided to check on Coal City’s family to see if this was indeed a family affair. Sure enough the breeding of Kiowa Sweet Trey and Flying Crestline has produced a large litter of talented speedsters led by big brother Flying Coal City, but not to be overlooked are several of his littermates who are also making names for themselves. 

A sister, Flying Chattaroy is currently campaigning at Wheeling Downs and is one of the top sprinters at the track. Coal City has a brother named Flying Culloden who also is at Wheeling and is making plenty of noise in Grade AA events. Another brother, Flying Chester, recently won a grade A race at Wheeling and he too is now to be found in AA races. Coal City has a sister racing at Southland named Flying Chelyan who can break out of the box as fast as any hound around but those long stretches at the West Memphis oval tend to tire her out and she finds most of her success in grade B races. 

The rest of this great litter have toiled at the lower grades and have yet to make their mark, however the five stars of litters should be watched and we can anticipate great things to come from anyone of them especially Flying Coal City who is back at his favorite distance 550 at Derby Lane. 

Check out the April issue of the Greyhound Review where Flying Coal City is the cover dog!
April 2010 Greyhound Review

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