Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Update Kiowa Myth

Just a quick update on how Kiowa Myth faired in the Irish Laurels Final - a third place finish congratulations!

Race Recap

Saturday, October 16th
Just five weeks on from their Derby success with Tyrur McGuigan, the father and son team of PJ and Conor Fahy tasted further classic glory as Tyrur Enda justified hot favouritism in a thrilling conclusion to the Pat Hennerty Sales Irish Laurels at a packed Curraheen Park on Saturday night.

Spotlight - Its A Phenomenon

Don’t Miss This One

I have been often told that until greyhound puppies fully develop it is near impossible to predict which one of the littler is going to be the “Pick of the Litter”. However it appears that someone had a good hunch when it became time to name the red male from the HK’s Phenomenon and Whistler’s Miss mating and they accurately gave that pup the name of Its a Phenomenon.

Monday, October 25, 2010

From The Archives: Winning At the Dog Track With A Clue

Winning At The Dog Track With A Clue
by Eb Netr
This week at the track, I was standing in line ready to place a bet. The guy in front of me, who’d been reading his program while we stood there waiting, plunked his program down on the counter, ran his fingers over the dogs’ lines and said to the clerk,

“So who do you like to win this?”

The tote just said, “I’m sorry, sir, I can’t advise you.”

“That’s too bad,” the guy said, “Because I don’t have a clue.”

And he stood there reading his program until the tote told him he had to bet because there were other people behind him. He moved his head up and down, his eyes scanning the page and then he made three or four tri-key and tri-wheel bets. By that time, I think he’d raised the blood pressure of everyone in line and the tote’s too. But I didn’t mind.

Gulf's Greyhound of the Week - Nina's Fire Pen

Courtesy of Gulf Greyhound

It has been a while since the fans at Gulf Greyhound Park have witnessed a potential superstar in the making. Our Greyhound of the Week, Nina’s Fire Pen from Libby Racing Kennels, has not even reached the age of two years old yet and has scored back-to-back victories in grade AA to claim the honors and at the same time, raise some eyebrows.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Gulf's Greyhound of the Week - Rough Hustle

Courtesy of Gulf Greyhound

The win leader for 2010, Rough Hustle from D.Q. Williams Kennel, leads the way this week at Gulf Greyhound Park as Greyhound of the Week. The month of September was unkind for Rough Hustle going without a victory but has started the month of October with back-to-back victories showing the rest of his rivals that he is still `king of the hill`.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Jacksonville's Weekend Preview

courtesy of Jacksonville Racing Circuit

Saturday Matinee - 10/16/2010 - Race 11

1. Kiowa Kind Gel (Flying Penske - Kiowa Oneofakind) is all about putting a hurt on fields early on and the one box will aide her in this effort. If she can steal enough, it could be upset time.

2. Mw Springer (Lewis And Wax - Mw's April Rain) has really found a groove as of late and has even been winning some races. From a favorable inside post, he will find a way to challenge.

3. Scottish Dreamer (Droppys Vieri - Crystal Chrysler) has been tearing up the racetrack, but this is grade A and the rules change. If she wants to run with the big boys and girls, she must break fast.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Flashback - 2009 Flashy Sir Recipient - Flupascrackerbox

2009 Flashy Sir Award Winner
by TrackData Systems Staff Writer

Since a small boy, I have always been involved in
sports and social interaction and, of course, like most
boys - adventure! Growing up I did everything I could with a 1970’s steel wheeled skateboard, a BB gun and my imagination. Eventually, I surfed my way through a California oceanside college, dated many girls and have spent many nights staring at the stars. Eventually, I did grow up and since, owned businesses, become a pilot , produced television and served my Country. Respectfully, It is only fitting that I would eventually find my way (or did it find me?), in the wildly adventurous and sometimes, emotional sport of Greyhound Racing. Being a mere “pup” to the sport and as green as a greenhorn gets, you can imagine how much about greyhound racing there still is to learn. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How To Pick Winning Dogs Time After Time by Eb Netr

by Eb Netr
Is your luck at the track hit or miss? Do you do really well one day and not so good the next day? Have you given up on trying to figure out why you win – or, more importantly – why you lose? If that’s the case, maybe this article will help you change all that.

Greyhound handicapping isn’t an exact science. We all know that. But there ARE things you can do to become a better handicapper, no matter how long you’ve been failing at it. Even if you have almost no days when you pick the right dogs, if you put some time and effort into learning to handicap better, you’ll be surprised at how much better you’ll do.

From Down Under - Hooked On The Greyhound Game

Hooked On The Greyhound Game - The Dogs TV

Monday, October 11, 2010

Flying Coal City Current North American Win Leader

While he came up short on the 9th (Race Replay) it is only a matter of time before he succeeds! 

Derby Lane Standout Flying Coal City goes after win No. 50
By Don Jensen, Times Correspondent
In Print: Saturday, October 9, 2010 

ST. PETERSBURG — After making the trophy presentation to Flying Coal City's winning connections in the $50,000 Fall Sprint on Oct. 2, Vey Weaver thought his night was complete.
Not quite...
Read The Complete Article: Coal Train Goes for 50

Kiowa Myth in Irish Laurels Final

 Kiowa Myth heads to the
Finals of Irish Laurels
sponsored by Pat Hennerty Sales
Saturday October 16th, 2010

Last year at this time Kiowa was setting the headlines at the Paddypower.com Irish Derby and the Cashmans Bookmakers Irish Laurels but he then flew back to Wheeling Downs and within a few weeks found himself in the final of the $100,000 Wheeling Invitational. 
Bryan Dalton – was quoted as saying: “We are delighted with him, he is an amazing dog. I wanted to give him a rest but Pauline (O’Donnell) said what rest, he is back in America now and here we race them. He has drawn trap one and he could have a real chance”.

Debbie Schweizer trainer for Steubenville Kennel "Myth has always been a dead rail dog so I like his post position. He needs to break out and rush to the top, although he has a lot of bottom," Schweizer said. "We expected a lot out of Myth and he's come through. I don't think too many dogs could do what he's done. I am very proud of him."

After leaving Ireland for the Invitational last year he was mentioned in the the Irish Forums:

Gulf's Greyhound of the Week - Jedi Dangeranger

Courtesy of Gulf Greyhound

This week’s featured greyhound, Jedi Dangeranger from Lingle Kennel, is another budding superstar in the making at Gulf Greyhound Park. Jedi Dangeranger started his career off with a bang in April of 2010 by winning his first official race by nine lengths to graduate from the maiden class. Jedi Dangeranger slowly moved up the grade ladder winning six more times over the next four months and finally achieved reaching top grade AA by winning a grade A race on July 30.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Greyhound Poem - Get a Kleenex!

We just couldn't resist this!

I didn't really want you, I wasn't really sure
And I'll admit I had my doubts when you first came through that door
Not small, or cute, or fluffy, with big soft puppy eyes,
But tall and thin and bony, with bald pink bulging thighs.
You weren't the kind I had in mind, not in any way.
Perhaps it would be better, if I took you back today
Before we know each other, it really won't be kind,
To keep you here for one more day and then to change my mind.
But against my better judgement, I decided you could stay
and quickly I discovered, you were kind in every way.
Your gentleness and patience really stole the show
"Why! These dogs are wonderful, I must let others know"
You're my gentle giant, who just needed a chance,
To show us all what you could be, to wipe away that history.
Dispel our preconceptions, that put us all to shame
and so we come to know and love, what lies beneath that frame.
And now I've come to understand, what I missed right at the start,
That Greyhounds need that great deep chest...
To house their great big hearts.

Dodgem by Design Passes Peacefully

September 24th marked the passing of Derby Lane’s former Sprint Classic champion and All- American Dodgem By Design. The male died peacefully on the farm of Ken Biehle in TX. Dodgem was ten years old and the top sire in the nation. He has sired many stakes winners and other All American champions. 

Just two notables CT Buck Wild  currently racing at Southland and coming off of a 15 race win streak and  Gable Dodge - this year's inductee into the Greyhound Hall of Fame

Jacksonville - this Weekend's Feature Races

courtesy of Jacksonville Racing Circuit

Saturday - 10/9/2010 - Matinee Race 11

It's the veterans vs. the Afleet Alex pups in this race. Ru Tuff Enuf is as Tuff as anyone on the racetrack when he can get out of the starting box and that is what he is going to do today. He will get room early with the empty box next to him and that will allow him to see the lead. Once in front, he is tough to take down before the wire. IE, see two races back, win by 7 1/2 in 30.34 seconds. Out and gone early on today. Next the two race in a row winner, Really Gonnarock. This greyhound has gotten better with each and every start and the scary thing is that his brother is even better. He miss the stakes final, but has rebounded nicely and has been showing off against the best at the racetrack. From this post he should get a clean run to the turn and that could be bad news for the rest of the field if he is close early on. With his late kick, he will challenge in the stretch again today. Wp's Commodore is as fast as anyone in this race and has won his share, 3 in his last 6 efforts, of grade A races. He loved this inside, near rail, post position and as long as he is close early, he will be a threat throughout. All he has to do is keep on keeping on in this effort. Gs Tee Up is the other Alex pup that will be contending for the win in this race. He has great skills of his own, and from a better post, I expect the effort to rise as well. He need to just one thing to get a chance to win this race, BREAK. He has not been coming out like he did in the past and it is why he has not crossed in front in a while. If he gets the lead, they might just be hard pressed to get to him in time. (5-1-3-2) 

Slatex Emerald Wins Bluffs $60,000 Futurity

Slatex Emerald Fall Futurity Champ

courtesy of Bluffs Run
written by Steve Sigafoose 10/5/10

Talk about a dream come true. “(Assistant trainer) Darrell (Holt) told me,” Harlan Brothers trainer Lori Fortune explained, “this morning he had a dream that Emerald would win.”

The explanation came moments after Fortune had leaped into the air and thrust her arm across her body as Slatex Emerald had crossed the finish wire to win the $60,000 Fall Futurity at Bluffs Run Saturday, Oct. 2.

There was a lot of confidence in the kennel for its greyhound.
“(Assistant trainer) Joe Bloom,” said Fortune, “told me she was going to win. Ali Buda did the post position draw for us and she drew the one box. We wanted the one or the eight. She likes those boxes; they give her a little extra elbow room. She runs like she has an extra afterburner with the one box.”

Monday, October 4, 2010

Gulf's Greyhound of the Week - Atascocita Vito

courtesy of Gulf Greyhound

The distance racing at Gulf Greyhound Park continues to be ruled by this week’s Greyhound of the Week, Atascocita Vito, from Libby Racing Kennels trained by Frank Falco. Three weeks ago, we featured Atascocita Vito as he won two races in a row over the 660-yard course. Since that time, the winning streak has been extended to four in a row.Leading off the encore performance on Thursday September 23, Atascocita Vito drew a difficult #5 post position but the fans still made Atascocita Vito the 3/2 betting favorite. After fighting through some early traffic, Atascocita Vito worked his way up to third behind pacesetters Welcome Manny and Blue It and continued to stalk the leaders for most of the race.

The Flashy Sir Award

Flashy Sir Award

To be nominated, a Greyhound must have accomplished one or more of the following:
  • Finished third or better in a major stake.
  • Won a lesser stake that staged elimination races, or ran third or better in two or more such stakes.
  • Finished third or better in national or regional invitational that involved dogs from other tracks.
  • Captured a track win title, with the majority of wins at a distance commensurate with the award for which the nominee is considered.
  • Finished in the top three in the national win championship, with the majority of wins at a distance commensurate with the award for which the nominee is being considered.
  • Set or tied a track record for a distance commensurate with the award for which the nominee is being considered.