Monday, November 29, 2010

Gulf Greyhound of the Week - Cry Homer

Courtesy of Gulf Greyhound

Cry One of Gulf Greyhound Park’s all time greatest greyhounds ever to set their paws on the oval, Cry Homer from LQK Kennels, Inc. trained by Cam Hawkins, stepped to the front of the line this week to earn the Greyhound of the Week honors. Cry Homer has spent most of his career racing against the toughest competition that the Gulf has to offer while remaining for the most part in top grade AA for over a year.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Gulf Greyhound of the Week - Atascocita Vito

Courtesy of Gulf Greyhound

This week’s recipient of the Greyhound of the Week honors, BG Juju from High Star Kennel trained by Heather Currid and owned by Kenneth Larison, has established himself as one of the top greyhounds this year at Gulf Greyhound Park. The 69-pound, front running speedster has over overcome difficult post position draws leading to a three race win streak in top grade AA.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rest in Peace TalentedMrRipley

by TrackData Systems Staff Writers 
In the span of a week the nation's sports fans saw the San Francisco Giants win their first world series of baseball since moving to the west coast. They also so the mare Zenyatta loose her first race. For us in the greyhound industry we had the passing of TalentedMrRipley a Greyhound Hall of Famer.

To say that all of these events were emotional for their particular fans is an understatement. Being a second generation San Franciscan you can only imagine how I feel – especially knowing that this may be the only time in my lifetime I may experience this accomplishment ( although us Giants diehards are always optimistic!)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Gulf Greyhound of the Week - Atascocita Vito

Courtesy of Gulf Greyhound

The weather along the Texas Gulf Coast may have cooled off recently but if anyone has been watching the 660-yard races, Atascocita Vito from Libby Racing Kennels has continued to be `red hot` dominating the competition to earn this week’s Greyhound of the Week honors. Atascocita Vito, trained by Frank Falco and owned by Atascocita Racing, has established himself as the best distance racer on the local scene here at Gulf Greyhound Park and should be recognized in the national picture with the impressive numbers being established.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gulf's Greyhound of the Week - DLT Fire Water

Courtesy of Gulf Greyhound

This week at Gulf Greyhound Park, the racing fans saw one of the fastest greyhounds at the track, DLT Fire Water from Lingle Kennel; show signs of his awesome form earning this week’s honor as Greyhound of the Week.

     In the first two months of 2010, DLT Fire Water won seven times flashing his tremendous early speed from the 550-yard starting box. DLT Fire Water then ran into tough times during the month of March and required four months off only to return to the oval at the end of July. Everything looked back to normal after a box to wire victory on July 31 but then a winless streak started in August and continued into September forcing DLT Fire Water away from action for another six weeks.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Using Odds in Dog Racing Handicapping

by Eb Netr
Have you ever taken your kids to a carnival or fair and tried to win a teddy bear for them? You know it's just a cheap stuffed toy, but they're as excited as if it was really worth something because "Daddy won it." True, it took you seven tries and ten dollars to win a two-dollar prize, but it was worth it to make them happy.

Now think about how this applies to dog racing betting. You go over your program at home and find a dog you really like. You decide that you're going to bet it to win, no matter what. So you do. You don't even look at the odds board. The dog wins and you get $2.10. Was it worth it?
Like the two dollar prize at the carnival, a dog that goes off at such low odds isn't really worth risking your money on. The only way you can know that, however, is by watching the odds on the dogs that you like. If they're in line with what you think the dog's chances are, bet them. If they're not, don't.

The Basics on Greyhound Handicapping

If you want to win consistently, you should learn.

Factors to Look for to Give you The Winning Edge


In greyhound racing, the dogs actually grade themselves. When a greyhound begins its racingcareer, it is classified as a maiden, which means non-winner. If it wins, it advances to grade J. When it wins a grade J, it proceeds to D and so forth until it moves up the ladder to the top grade - grade A. A greyhound will also drop in grade during its career. If it fails to come in first, second or third in three starts, or better than two thirds in four starts, the greyhound falls down in grade.

When a greyhound wins and advances in grade, its chances of winning are lowered. Conversely, when a greyhound drops in grade, its chances of winning increase. Smart handicappers always consider a greyhound dropping in grade - it's a good bet.

Greyhound Handicapping: Should You Bet On a Dog Who Fell in Its Last Race?

by Eb Netr
Greyhounds are really graceful, but even the best of them fall from time to time. When you’re running at 45 mph, a fall can be serious. However, greyhounds are made for chasing prey and falling is part of the chase for any animal that prefers “fast food”.

Spills and tumbles that would break human bones most often just end up in bruises or sprains for dogs. How many times have you seen a greyhound pick itself up and continue the race after tumbling over and over when it falls on a turn?

Gulf's Greyhound of the Week - BG Juju

Courtesy of Gulf Greyhound

 High Star Kennel’s current lone grade AA greyhound, BG Juju, showed this week why he must be considered as one of Gulf Greyhound Park’s elite greyhounds. With back-to-back winning efforts, BG Juju earned the honor as Greyhound of the Week