Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Packin The Heat goes Thursday Night - Dec 30th

Packin The Heat  
Bringing The Heat!

The sensational Packin The Heat goes for three wins in a row Thursday Night in the second race of the late card at Hollywood Greyhound Track

Packin the Heat a white and red Male from the Irusha All Star and Noah’s Pollywog mating has been burning up the track at Hollywood and is coming in off a overwhelming 18 length victory in his last start. Packin The Heat’s program lines resemble a picket fence as he has led his races at virtually every call.
With the warmer weather finally returning to South Florida the staff at Hollywood is preparing for a large post holiday turnout to watch live the country’s hottest racing phenomena as he goes to post this Thursday night. 

For all the fans unable to attend this event the Virtual Clubhouse at www.bigjackpotbetting.com will be open and have room for everybody to view this show right from their own home computers. 

See you at the track or in the Clubhouse!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gulf Greyhound of the Week - Jedi Dangeranger

Courtesy of Gulf Greyhound
Jedi Dangeranger

Make it two consecutive weeks that Lingle Kennel, trained by Cherrye Davenport, provides us with the Greyhound of the Week. For the second time this year, Jedi Dangeranger has earned this honor winning back-to-back top grade AA races. Two months ago, Jedi Dangeranger won his first top grade race and since then, has now won three more to bring his career record to 40/11-9-6-3.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Packin The Heat goes Thursday at Mardi Gras

Packin The Heat 
Races Thursday Night At Mardi Gras

Well actually he, as in the James O’Donnell Kennel’s prize pup, Packin The Heat doesn’t have a gun but it sure seems like it when he shoots out of the starting box. Packin The Heat,  based on his performance in last Saturday Night’s Hot Box Feature Race has gained the attention of all the railbirds at Hollywood Greyhound Track including “THE RAILBIRD” , Brian Lee  from Portland Oregon.   

Packin The Heat was matched up in a mini stakes event for his maiden voyage over the Hollywood oval with some of the top maiden runners in the country. This star studded field including Packin The Heat’s full brother Big Bad Leroy proved no match for Packin. Shooting out of the seven box, Packin clocked a sizzling 5.62sec to the first sectional and romped to a easy win in the blazing time of 30.30 while coasting to easy six length victory. 

Packin The Heat has already captivated the greyhound community at Hollywood and talk of a potential superstar in the making is abundant. Nobody doubts the talent of this young pup and even rumors of a World Classic entry have been discussed albeit prematurely but nonetheless the buzz has begun. None other than George “The Eskimo” Quinn of GreyhoundNews on Twitter was quick to spot the enormous potential of this superstar in the making.  George tipped off “All Night Amy” Connors regarding Packin The Heat ‘s ability and Amy was quick to alert her viewers on her weekly TV spot to  be on the watch for “The Heat”.
George Quinn was so sure he had spotted a champion in Packin The Heat that he printed up tee Shirts for himself and a few twitter buddies to wear to the track for Packin’s first race. Unfortunately for George an overzealous security guard stationed at the escalator spotted George’s shirt and turned him away at the door. To the security guard’s credit not one escalator has been stolen on his watch.
Thursday night Packin The Heat has drawn into the seventh race of the late night card and the track is bracing for a big turnout to see this event. This race is most definitely “must see TV http://www.bigjackpotbetting.com and you can see it and the whole night of racing action right from your own home computer by logging into
See you at the races!

Monday, December 20, 2010

SpotLight - CT Buck Wild

CT Buck Wild (click for her lines) has been tearing up the Southland track since she hit it in December of 2008.

Here are her accomplishments to date -

2009 & 2010 Southland Derby Winner 
(Only greyhound in Southland history to win back-to-back titles)
2010 Night of Stars Winner
2010 Southland Inaugural
2010 Chris Chance Memorial
2nd 2010 March Madness
2010 Festival of Stakes Sprint Championship Finalist
14-race win streak 2010
2009 All-American 2nd team
Winner 2009 Southland Barry Baldwin Juvenile

Along with hitting the early nomination list for the 2010 Rural Rube Award "CT" on Saturday Night December 18th she won her 7th in a row:

"7 in a row tonight with a sick rush to the first turn after breaking evenly with the field.  I could hear a little chuckle by Dave as she looked for a brief moment to be in trouble and 1 second later the race was over -10 plus lengths I'd say."

What a special night for her! Along with the 7 in a row she reached her 80th win mark. 

Congrats to a truly special greyhound athlete.

2010 Adoption Person of the Year

Linda Jensen(right), Adopter Deb(left)
from NGA News
Linda A. Jensen of Plainfield
Wins Adoption Person of the Year 


A Connecticut woman who has spent more than 20 years leading the effort to find adoptive homes for retired racing greyhounds has been honored by the American Greyhound Council (AGC) with the 2010 Greyhound Adoption Person of the Year Award. 

Linda A. Jensen of Plainfield was nominated by Joan Belle Isle, president of the Massachusetts-based Greyhound Project, Inc., and Ann Bollens, president of Greyhound Pets of America-Emerald Coast.
The nominators cited Jensen’s “unrelenting persistence in organizing, facilitating and coordinating” the movement of retired greyhounds from tracks and farms to greyhound adoption groups.

Early Nominations For Rural Rube Award

The Rural Rube Award is bestowed upon the best sprint runner of the year. This year's early nominations are published in the December 2010 issue of the NGA Review. The rules for nomination are on page 95.

Here is a sneak peak:

Aerial Battle (Capabal Kennel, John Bladen) Derby Lane Matinee Idol Champion etc.

CT Buck Wild (Charter Kennel, Charter Kennel) Southland Inaugural Champion etc.

KB's Ruckus (Green-Maupin Kennel, M.Porter & G. Reich) Wheeling Panhandle Classic Champion.

The complete list of early nominations can be found on page 96.

Early Nominations For Flashy Sir Award

The Flashy Sir Award is bestowed upon the best distance runner of the year. This year's early nominations are published in the December 2010 issue of the NGA Review. The rules for nomination are on page 95.

Here is a sneak peak:

Bohemian Rhythm (Radar Racing, Norm Radar) - finalist Mardi Gras Hollywoodian, Palm Beach James Paul Derby Champion.

Eds Budby (Crowe Kennel, John Crowe) - Orange Park Derby Champion.

Flying Coal City (McAllister Kennel, Vince Berland) - 2nd Derby Lane Distance Classic & St Pete Derby

TMC's Remedy (Filipelli & O'Donnell Kennel, Eddie McDonald) Derby Lane Distance & St Pete Derby Champion.

The complete list of early nominations can be found on page 97.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mardi Gras - Saturday Feature Race

This Season in conjunction with Trackdata Systems, Mardi Gras Racetrack will be staging a series of Saturday Night 'Hot Box' events that will features some of the finest pups and proven greyhounds in the country. 

This Saturday Night the Feature Race is Race #6 on the Late Evening Card. 

Watch "All Night" Amy rundown the race:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New "Greeter" at Greyhound Hall of Fame - Flyin Bridgeport!

Greyhound Hall of Fame Welcomes:
Flyin' Bridgeport

For several years visitors coming to the Greyhound Hall of Fame in Abilene, Kansas were greeted at the front door by whom many would say was the greatest Greyhound Racer of our time, the legendary, Talented Mr. Ripley! However, recently, sad times befell the Hall of Fame with his passing, the dark cloud of mourning has now been lifted or at least put away for a rainy day as Mr. Ripley's official job position as "Greeter" has been replace by yet another Great in the sport of Greyhound racing. Flyin Bridgeport! 

(related story: Rest in Peace Mr Ripley)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Gulf Greyhound of the Week - Craigie Jags

Courtesy of Gulf Greyhound

This week’s recipient of the Greyhound of the Week honors, Craigie Jags from Lingle Kennel trained by Cherrye Davenport, has experienced a year resembling a roller coaster, up and down. Back in June of 2010, Craigie Jags was on a roll winning three races in a row claiming the G.O.W. honors, but as the next few months passed on, things did not go so well for Craigie Jags sliding down the grade ladder to grade C in the beginning of October.

     After seemingly hitting rock bottom, Craigie Jags turned things around winning a grade C, grade B and grade A race over a three week period returning back to top grade AA competition. Then when things appeared to going well, the next six races would be rough for Craigie Jags with only one second place finish to show for her efforts and would fall back to grade A once again.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Gulf Greyhound of the Week - Nelly Nell

Courtesy of Gulf Greyhound
Nelly Nell

Since arriving at Gulf Greyhound Park, D.Q. Williams Kennel has possessed some of the fastest pups ever to race on the Texas Gulf Coast and we can add another name to that list in the form of Nelly Nell. This 56-pound female from Kiowa Sweet Trey – Back Taxes began her racing career at the beginning of 2010 and her running style of early box speed fits the Gulf very well. It has been a slow, methodical climb up the grade ladder for Nelly Nell, taking ten months to reach top grade AA.