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A Few Thoughts on Packin The Heat from American Greyhounds Forum

The Hot Box Event Last Saturday Night at Mardi Gras Racetrack matched the undefeated Packin the Heat against a powerful group of greyhounds which included Dairylands Dream and Ls Lafave. And Saturday Night "the Heat" was no longer undefeated.

Hot Box - January 29th Replay

The Forums were quick to respond - here are just a few thoughts we found on this amazing greyhound - we look forward to his next race.

In my lifetime I have seen millions of greyhound races.
This greyhound is a really nice one..

My only concern would be to over hype the hound, as I do not yet now how he will navigate traffic when not on the lead coming out of the first turn. He is 82 lbs and hounds this size are not always the most nimble in traffic.

I would predict he make a nice high grade hound.  I do not believe at this time he has track record speed like many of the past greats. 

NOTE: While his length of victory in some of his races was impressive, in a two dog race against this countries best he would be competitive but not dominant.
I would not match race this greyhound until he reaches maturity.

Those whom have stated he is a puppy are correct.  Moving forward it is most important this pup not lose his confidence.  Many talented pups struggle as they move up in grade after winning easy there entire life. It is at the point of competitive struggle when you find out whether you have a NICE greyhound or a SPECIAL one.
Let's all hope this one is special and reaches his ultimate potential..

For sure, he is a greyhound that anyone would love to own and can add a great deal of hype to the sport.

Best of Luck to the owner and the connections..

When you're judging talent in a green pup, as Quik knows, you have to look for flaws. Holes in their game, so to speak. There are some of these "holes" that dogs can learn to cover up or to compensate for, or to even correct-----and there are others which they can't, or generally won't.

Though he beat the box a race or 2 back, I think this dog is likely to be a moderate or maybe even better than average breaker, once he comes up against dogs of high caliber. However, being attentive and learning to relax and to time the box is something some dogs learn as they gain experience.

This pup has a long stride, and good leg speed for his scope. But because he is so large, and his stride long, he needs a few jumps to establish his rhythm, and there he will be vulnerable to break traffic, as dogs with less stride and greater leg speed vie to seize their preferred line. He should be able to take the turn in a representative sampling of races if he has a clear line. He seems run the turn fluently enough when clear, and to like the 3 lane (or thereabouts) on the turn----which might make him vulnerable to inside pressure in traffic. His best sectional move, to my eye, is from the 2nd turn, onto and down the backstretch. In his race on 1-15, he made what I thought was an eye-opening move there, just sucking the will out of the competition.

He runs the 3rd and 4th turn without lead change problems and without losing too much velocity, and he changes back to his right lead on cue entering the homestretch. From top to midstretch, his action is good. From there on, he begins to lose a little velocity and form, and to shorten stride a bit----not critically, but enough to make him vulnerable to strong closers, or tweeners, who might have run under cover most of the way, and kept within striking distance. This tendency will be exacerbated if and when he has a dog on his shoulder or flank, or looking him in the eye, pressing him for the lead on the backside----the faster you are forced to go early, the slower you will go late.

If he can learn to bring his first section up to the level of his second section, he'll be a tough cookie even in top grade----because he's an 80-plus pounder who appears to have turn stability, with a longer than average stride and better than average leg speed for a dog of his size and scope.


UPDATE: Flying Coal City!

Update: courtesy of Vera Rasnake

According to Malcolm McAllister his star Flying Coal City a.k.a. "coal train," is recovering well and is expected to school mid February to prepare to defend his title in the Sprint Classic. The dual distance phenom who is arguably America's top dog (no argument from us) is waiting to see how the National awards pan out. Flying Coal City is eligible for all the national awards that include All America Team
Captain, Rural Rube ( for best sprinter) and the Flashy Sir (for top distance). Good luck!

Palm Beach Derby starts Wednesday!

Palm Beach Derby

West Palm Beach, Fl. - Round one qualifying action for Palm Beach Kennel Club's $50,000 James W. Paul 3/8ths Mile Derby gets underway Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 2.

Forty greyhounds will go to post in five qualifying races which will be contested on the 660-yard Pat C Rendezvous Three-Eighths Mile Course.

40th annual Rural Rube and Flashy Sir Awards  

The NGA's 40th annual Rural Rube and Flashy Sir Awards are being voted on by NGA members and Review subscribers in the next few weeks.

Official ballots are found in the January/February 2011 issue, which was mailed to members and subscribers late last week. Completed ballots should be sent to NGA for arrival prior to Mar. 1. Winners of the awards will be announced shortly afterward on the Daily News.

Big Handicapping Event at Mardi Gras

A Big Stakes Event
From: Monday, January 31 2011

Lots of people know how poker has made its way into the entertainment world. It shows up on ESPN and other networks a lot.

Well, there's a group of greyhound fans hoping for the same thing.

The Mardi Gras Foundation, in Florida, will host the debut of a $1,000 buy-in handicapping contest at Mardi Gras Racetrack. It will take place April 1-2, and is co-hosted by Big Jackpot Betting.

Here's a quick rundown:

You make $24 in bets per race. Some races are trifectas only, some are superfectas, etc. The bet payoff will be the points. The top 50 percent scorers will move on to the next day's finals, where all players start at zero again.

They need 10 entrants to make it work. Plus, there might be an online element for fans to follow along.

I think it's a great way to stir up interest in the sport. Sure, it's a huge buy-in, but if it goes over maybe next time there could be smaller events, with the winners advancing to a big final (preferable someplace warm in the winter, right?)

It's a start; let's see how it goes. And, racing fans, let's give it some support.

Want to learn more about it? Click HERE

Gulf Greyhound of the Week - Riley Jaymes

Courtsey of Gulf Greyhound

This week’s Greyhound of the Week, Riley Jaymes from locally based LQK Kennels, Inc., trained by Cam Hawkins and owned by Russ Mc Elhinny, is quickly becoming one of top greyhounds here at Gulf Greyhound Park.

It's Crunch Time - Semi-Finals OPD Tonight

Kelly J Clark
Director Of Internet Services
Jacksonville Greyhound Racing

Monday - 1/31/2011
With only one round left in the climb to the finals of the 2011 Orange Park Derby, the remaining 16 greyhounds will be giving it everything they have on Monday night at the Orange Park Kennel Club.
Almost everyone has a shot to steal a spot into the elite eight, but it is going to take some big time efforts to get it done. They need to rack up as many points as they can if they hope to move on. Several have almost secured a spot with some good trips so far, but they need to continue the good work to make it a sure thing.
As the fields get shorter the action gets hotter and I know we are going to see some fireworks in the 9th and 11th races on the cards. So they are ready to go, so let's get to it!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mr. Shillelagh - Looking for 3 straight in Orange Park Derby Quarter Finals

 courtesy of Orange Park
Friday - 1/28/2011
The fields might be getting shorter in the 2011 Orange Park Derby, but the competition is just getting tougher and tougher. So far 2 greyhounds remain undefeated and both reside from the B&J Racing Kennel, but they are not the only ones in the mix for title of top greyhounds. Several others are stalking right behind them on the leaders board and a great trip from any of them in round three might just mix things up a little bit.

Three great stakes races will come your way on Friday night in the 9th, 11th, and 15th events on the card. So buckle up tightly as this is going to be a wild ride in the quarterfinals of the 2011 Orange Park Derby.

In race 9 the first undefeated greyhound, Paddy Whacker (aka Mr. Shillelagh) gets another chance to shine. He loves it outside and draws another favorable post position here with the 7 box. He has been breaking extremely fast and looks to continue that trend in this effort. He is not short at the end of the race either and that has helped him win his last two race by a combined 17 lengths. Last and most importantly, no big names in against his for the third straight race. The Irish in him is kicking in hard, and the Luck of the Draw has worked in his favor. He will have to contend with Akeem though in this race. 

In  race 15 we find the second undefeated greyhound Ethel's Pick has been breaking well enough to win without her beloved rail. The other reason I like this greyhound is that she is not one dimensional. She has just recently start to break and has won several other 660 yard events from off the pace. Red hot as anyone, she also posted up the best time of the night on the lead in her last effort. Against a tough field with some good early speed runners in it, she might have to switch caps in this effort to stay untouched. 

The field will be cut down to 3 races for the Quarterfinals which runs on Friday evening at the Orange Park Kennel Club. The action is only getting hotter as the best of the best will scrap for each and every point and a chance to move on to the finals of the 2011 Orange Park Derby. 

Read the complete Article: Jacksonville Website

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mardi Gras 2011 Futurity Championship Recap

I hope no one missed the Finals of the 2011 Futurity Championship on Saturday Evening at Mardi Gras. It ended up being a two dog race but there was tremendous effort by all entrants.

The recap:

(4) Top Shot and (3) Dairylands Dream broke almost even with (1) Mr Ash Lee not far behind.

Going into the first turn Top SHot had the lead - Ash Lee was wide and Dairylands Dream took the inside track with Top Shot running right on her outside shoulder. Coming out of the turn Dairylands Dream held a slight lead and going down the backstretch it became a two dog race.

They battled it out for a few moments with Top Shot and the Dream exchanging the lead but then Top Shot shifted into over drive and held the lead through the final turn and on to the wire. 

It was an exciting finish to a great week of competition. I am sure this will be an exciting season of racing at Mardi Gras with these two athletes battling it out on the track.

Congratulations to the O'Donnell Kennel and Sarah Kettlewell for the tremendous performance and win by Top Shot. And to Joe Trudden whose dog gave O'Donnell a run for his money.

Wonderful Public Relations for the Greyhound Industry

While scanning the greyhound forums we found this wonderful thread posted on American Greyhounds and asked for permission to re-post - so here goes.

Anyone willing to help out feel free to send us comments and let's see if we can put a smile on the faces of some children.

courtesy of Leslie a Veteran Member of American Greyhounds

Hi all.  So I had this idea today...there is a bit of a story first. 

My eldest greyhound, Eddie (Last Hitter), is a therapy dog and has been for seven years.  For the past three, he and I have been going to Ronald McDonald House every Tuesday to visit with the kids and their families.  He's awesome at it.  Totally bomb proof.  Many kids are fascinated by him but today was exceptional.  At one point I had several kids ranging from 8 years old to 14.  We started like usual - he's so funny looking!  Look at his pointy nose!  His tail is so long and boney!  I can see through the skin on his ankle!  They were a bright bunch of kids.  I started to talk about how fast he and his greyhound friends could go.  I had my computer, and I couldn't find anything quickly on YouTube that didn't have a greyhound live coursing (I didn't want to talk about the bunnies) so I switched over to trackinfo and let them watch one of the greyhounds I'm keeping track of, Brenda Fricker.  I explained that the dogs were going to shoot out of the box and chase after a stuffed toy.  They all were amazed at the beauty of the dogs running and how fast.  I explained some people like to watch and go to the tracks like a football game.  It is a sport but the dogs love to run.  One of the little girls who had just come in from Chemo said that maybe she'll ask to go to a greyhound race for her Make A Wish...or maybe ask for a havanese (she is only 8 yrs old :)

Keith Dillon, Greyhound Racing Legend, Dies at 95

courtesy of NGA News
by Leslie A. Wootten 

Keith Dillon, a model of excellence in the Greyhound racing world since the early 1940s, died on January 24, 2011, at his long-time home in Olathe, Kansas. He was 95. The cause of death was heart failure. 

Born in the tiny town of Cedar, Kansas, on June 6, 1915, Mr. Dillon grew up during the “Roaring Twenties” and the “Great Depression” of the 1930s. As a young man, he worked in the town's general merchandise store, but Greyhounds would ultimately become his livelihood.

At age 16, he saw his first coursing meet in 1932. In 1938, he trained his first coursing Greyhounds, winning the Sapling stake with a pup he trained called Samco. That triumph helped Mr. Dillon realize that he wanted to be in “the dog business,” and his life's course was set.

His long run with the fastest canines in the world was interrupted only by his military service in World War II. After the War, Mr. Dillon rejoined his new bride, Vivian Miller, of Kansas City, Missouri. The two had met at a dance and married after a six-week courtship before he shipped out. The whirlwind romance extended into a solid marriage that thrived until Vivian's passing six decades later. In 1958, the couple established a permanent residence and Greyhound farm in Olathe, Kansas. The location was selected so their daughter, Judy, who was born deaf in 1948, could attend a special school there.

Maryville Rumble Dies

courtesy of NGA News

Top 10-ranked sire Maryville Rumble* died Saturday at the Kristen S. Block Farm in Rockwell, NC. The red-brindle son of Smooth Rumble-Budwiser Mary would have been 10 years old in May.
Maryville Rumble*, owned by Block and Henry T. Howe, was ranked 7th on the latest Sire Standings. In his racing career back in Ireland, he finished third in the 2003 Irish Derby at Shelbourne Park and was a finalist in the Irish St. Leger. 
His offspring included All-America Dreamy Blossom, South Florida stake star who won the Palm Beach Classic and the Inaugural.
Rumble passed away on the same day his pup RK's Big Bear won the Matinee Idol at Derby Lane.

Big Bear Upsets in Matinee Idol

By Vera Rasnake 
 The Matinee Idol drought is over for the Abernathy kennel that won the 27 th annual stakes Saturday Jan. 22 with RK's Big Bear. In 1993 Circus Chevy won the stakes for Abernathy. That was the last time they stood in the winner's circle until this year. 
 "I knew he was going to do it," said trainer Kayruth Abernathy. "He ran so good Wednesday and I knew he was going to do it again."

The afternoon stakes was held in the eighth race. Flying Bergen shot out on top from post six with hopes of becoming the fourth female in the history of the stakes to win the race. She appeared to have the race in the bag until the defending champion Aerial Battle went "paw to paw" with Bergen in the backstretch. Battle took charge entering the homestretch and gave a winning effort before Big Bear came charging near the wire to win the race by a length.

Palm Beach - Tuff Stuff Wins Classic

Contact: Jeff Prince (561) 683-2222, Ext. 126 / 

West Palm Beach, Fl. - Rader Racing Kennel's Tuff Stuff showed that he had the "right stuff" as he handily won the 31 st running of Palm Beach Kennel Club's $50,000 He's My Man Classic.
In the finale, it was fan-favored Where's Big Cash setting the early pace with Tuff Stuff and kennel mate KB's Clear Rock following not to far behind. 

At the far turn, "Tuffy" ducked under Big Cash and went on to pull away from the field, winning by more than six lengths in a 545-yard Royal Palm Course clocking of 29.53 seconds and returning a healthy $7.40 to his appreciative supporters.

25-1 longshot KB's Clear Rock finished second, with Where's Big Cash and Yahoo Omar finishing third and fourth, respectively.

The complete Classic order of finish:
1 st - 8. Tuff Stuff (Lonesome Cry - Night Breeze, Rader Racing)
2 nd - 7. KB's Clear Rock (Lonesome Cry - Cry BF Pina, Rader Racing)
3 rd - 6. Where's Big Cash (Lonesome Cry - CM Lil Bit, Marsella Racing)
4 th - 3. Yahoo Omar (Lonesome Cry - Pin Oak Vicki, Rader Racing)
5 th - 4. Its A Phenomenon (HK's Phenomenon - Whistler's Miss, Tru Palm)
6 th - 1. Custom Trent (Trent Lee - Gifted Whistler, Rader Racing)
7 th - 2. Mesa Dress Up (Oshkosh Slammer - Dress Up, Rader Racing)
8 th - 5. Go Bon Nice Lee (Trent Lee - Go Bon Pure Evil, Royal Racing)

Puling Out Whacking Stick - 2011 Orange Park Derby

courtesy of Orange Park

The first round of the 2011 Orange Park Derby is in the books and no greyhound was more impressive in round 1 than previous puppy stakes winners, Paddy Whacker. Prior to this start, he had not won a race over 660 yards, but on this occasion, no one was going to deny him. What was the difference? He broke! Coming out that close to the lead, in the 9th race, he was destine to take home the top spot. Stalking early leader, Hallo My Pear, Paddy was right in contention and as they headed down the backside he took command and left the rest 5 lengths behind him at the finish line as he stopped the clock at 37.63 seconds. Third was Ubet I Win.

Bluffs Run TNT Empire Update

courtesy of  Mark Pendgraft 1/20/11
We have an update on the Tnt Empire greyhounds:

Be sure and visit The TNT Radio Empire

HL’S TOD N TYER has been entered into the first round of the $60,000 Kennel Championship. This will give him a chance to win $2,871.00 for one race. He will race out of the #8 post position again. This will be a tough race for him to win, because he is going up against some tough competition.

Bluffs Run $60,000 Kennel Championship Kicks Off

courtesy of Mark Pendgraft 1/23/11
Legg – 36 Points 
Bean & Stout – 36 Points
Petzold Racing – 33 Points
Keeper Red Rock – 32 Points
Wilhite – 31 Points
Plum Creek – 29 Points
Mickim – 28 Points
Boeckenstedt – 26 Points
Current Standings

The Legg kennel starts tied for the top with 36 points. This is above their average from last year of 29 points. The Legg kennel was the only kennel to have two wins in the first round. The two winners were: MAKINGNEWFRIENDS and IM A STUNNA.

Last year Kennel Champions, the Bean & Stout kennel started off tied for 1st with 36 points. Last year they won the Kennel Championship with an average of 34 points.

HL’S TOD N TYLER picked up a huge win for the Keeper Red Rock kennel. This was the kennels only win for the first round of the Kennel Championship. The Kepper Red Rock kennel totaled 32 points in the first round, last year they averaged 25 points.

P’S GIBBS won his 3rd race in a row and is currently an early track win leader with 3 wins in 3 starts this year. The Petzold kennel totaled 33 points in the first round, last year they averaged 20 points.

Current Standings

Gulf Greyhound of the Week - AH's Salma

Courtesy of Gulf Greyhound

It is a rare occasion that we get to feature the 660-yard greyhounds here at Gulf Greyhound Park. The state of Texas has some of the finest 550-yard sprinters in the country but Atascocita Vito turned some heads dominating the backside in 2010 and now, AH’s Salma from D.Q. Williams Kennel has taken over the spotlight as the best distance racer on the Texas Gulf Coast.This black, sleek 57-pound female out of Let’s Winendine – AH’s India moved to the 660-yard course on October 21, 2010 while in grade C. After getting her paws wet finishing back in the pack in her first attempt, AH’s Salma has loved the change in distance never finishing worse than third moving up the grade ladder including seven wins out of fourteen starts.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wheeling Downs 2010 All Wheeling Team

The all-Wheeling team was selected by Stan Pawloski and Robin Reed.

A victory and a runnerup finish in three stake final appearances as well as a share of the track win title has earned KBs Ruckus the captaincy of the 2010 all-Wheeling team.
The Fast Track Racing Kennel sprint star was a solid choice to head the 10-greyhound unit, although several other racers also had outstanding seasons.
Both the Charter Kennel WPs Cameo and KBs Nantucket and the Wayne Ward Kennel Gale WW Wanika and WWs Dog Gone placed a pair of greyhounds on the 2010 team.
Rounding out the selections are CTW Speedy Trent (C And C Kennel), Cry Case (Gable Kennel), Its Orozco Rose (A Ray Kennel), Bonafide Speed (Lester Raines Kennel) and Flying Burgundy (Vince Berland Kennel).
KBs Ruckus and CTW Speedy Trent have been nominated for the Rural Rube Award as the nations top sprinter while Cry Case, WPs Cameo and WWs Dog Gone have been nominated for the Flashy Sir Award as the countrys top distance runner. Gale WW Wanika is listed under both awards.
All-American nominations are submitted by the racing directors at each track. Several of the all-Wheeling selections were nominated for consideration.
Following are the accomplishments of the all-Wheeling team members.

    KBS RUCKUS (59-23-7-6-5) won the $15,000 Panhandle Classic, was second in the $100,000 Wheeling Island Invitational and fourth in the $15,000 Holiday Sprint; track win co-champion with 23 victories; ran in Night Of Stars XXIII.

    CTW SPEEDY TRENT (61-18-12-8-3) won the $100,000 Wheeling Island Invitational and was third in the $15,000 Holiday Sprint; 18 victories.

    WWS DOG GONE (35-10-6-10-2) won the $10,000 Buckeye Cup, was third in the $20,000 Armed Forces Appreciation Stake and a finalist in the $20,000 George Kellas Memorial Cup; set the 7/16 track record 41.85 (12/11/10).

    GALE WW WANIKA (60-17-7-6-7) won the $20,000 Armed Forces Appreciation Stake and was a finalist in the $100,000 Wheeling Island Invitational; set 5/16 track record 29.06 (7/17/10); 17 wins.

    CRY CASE (44-22-9-2-4) won the $20,000 George Kellas Memorial Cup; tied 3/8 track record 37.16 (7/4/10); 22 victories.

    WPs CAMEO (43-23-5-5-1) was track win co-champion with 23 victories; second in the $20,000 George Kellas Memorial Cup; set 3/8 track records 37.16 (6/19/10) and 37.14 (11/19/10).

    BONAFIDE SPEED (62-23-8-7-6) was track win co-champion with 23 victories; finalist in the $15,000 Holiday Sprint.

    ITS OROZCO ROSE (60-10-11-9-7) won the $15,000 Holiday Sprint and was a finalist in the $20,000 Armed Forces Appreciation Stake.

    KBS NANTUCKET (53-18-11-4-6) was third in the $100,000 Wheeling Island Invitational and second in Night Of Stars XXIII; 18 wins.

    FLYING BURGUNDY (50-21-11-3-6) was second in the $15,000 Panhandle Classic and ran in Night Of Stars XXIII; 21 wins.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mardi Gras Saturday Jan 22nd Hot Box Event

Mardi Gras 2011 Futurity Championship Final Preview

This week's Saturday Night Hot Box Event is the finals of the 2011 Futurity Championship. It will be the 6th race of the Late Evening Card.

Black Kennel, Joe Trudden and J & J Calabro all have duplicate entries in the final but the O'Donnell kennel who is always a threat in any stake race at Hollywood and who has been known to usually have multiple entries in stake races now must pin their hopes on their single entry, Top Shot and that may be all they need.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who's Off to a good Start in 2011?

With the first month of racing for 2011 half way done - who is running well and where? 
That is the question we posed and here are the answers:

CTW Brie Heart  5 - 2 - 2 - 0 - 0

Bluffs Run
Askonce  1 - 1 - 0 - 0 - 0
Mc Full Moon  1 - 1 - 0 - 0 - 0


Secret Seeker  3 - 3 - 0 - 0 - 0
New Real Deal  3 - 3 - 0 - 0 - 0
magic Tempura  3 - 3 - 0 - 0 - 0
Kiowa Fire Hunt  3 - 3 - 0 - 0 - 0

Derby Lane
Craigie TwoTime  3 - 2 - 1 - 0 - 0
Juno Monetta  4 - 2 - 1 - 0 - 1
Geo Deedra  4 - 2 - 1 - 0 - 0

Slatex Salsa  17-10-1-2

Monday, January 17, 2011

Derby Lane Patriot Kennel Back on Top

Patriot Kennel back on top
courtesy of Vera Rasnake 

It didn’t take trainer Victor Hall very long to grace the top of the kennel standings. The Patriot kennel led the majority of the meet last season and finished second, respectively to the Lester Raines kennel. The first kennel standings have posted and Patriot is on top with 27 wins a half-length in front of Charter kennel (23) that was also on top for a stint last year. Cal Holland is in fourth place and Red Oak and Floyd & Porter kennel are tied for fifth. 

The kennel’s are eyeing their top sprinters for next week’s Matinee Idol. The format is the same as the Inaugural where two heats will be run. The top four finishers from the two heats Wednesday matinee January 19 will become the eight finalists in the Saturday AFTERNOON Matinee Idol stakes Saturday January 22. Track champion Flying Coal City will be sitting this stakes out. Inaugural runner-up TMC’s Pistol is expected to be an entry in the stakes. Last year Aerial Battle won the stakes. Although the male is back on track it has not been determined if Battle will defend his title.

Where's Big Cash Tops List for He's My Man Classic Championship

For Immediate Release
January 17, 2011


West Palm Beach, Fl. - Marsella Racing Kennel’s Where’s Big Cash 7-race win streak came to an end Sunday afternoon at the paws of the highly-decorated veteran, Rader Racing Kennel’s Yahoo Omar, as Palm Beach Kennel Club presented semifinal action in the $50,000 He’s My Man Classic.

The battle between these two racing behemoths literally came down to the wire as Omar powered by the 2010 National Win Champion in deep stretch to win by one length in a 545-yard Royal Palm Course clocking of 29.67 seconds.

Flying Coal City Derailed

courtesy of the NGA and Vera Rasnake 
The McAllister kennel has gone through a series of emotions since their superstar Flying Coal City, a.k.a. "coal train" brought in the New Year with a fifth career stakes victory on Jan. 8. All were enjoying the winner's circle with the champion Saturday night, but on Sunday morning McAllister discovered that Coal City was injured. "Coal has a small tear in his left shoulder muscle not as bad as when he did his right a year ago, but never good," McAllister wrote on a thread on the American Greyhounds website. "It must have happened coming for home when he suddenly let up, or he overextended rounding the far turn," McAllister stated.

Bluffs Run Weekend Wrap Up

Tod N Tyler Aftermath
by Mark Pendgraft 1/16/11

I would like to start off by saying thanks once again to Tod n Tyler. Be sure and visit The TNT Radio Empire enjoyed the last article I wrote. I hope to do the same with this article.

Let’s start with the 3rd race on Friday, January 14. NEWS MAN CRAIG raced out of the #1 post position and was the betting favorite at post time. NEWS MAN CRAIG came out of the box along the rail, but he blew the first turn. Then he lost all motivation, finishing last. With this kind of performance, I think I better talk to Craig’s Mom. Watch the race here.

The 6th race on Friday, January 14 featured HL'S TOD N TYLER out of the #8 position. He came out of the box 6th. Once he got to the first turn he avoided the traffic caused by the #6 greyhound. Going into the far turn HL'S TOD N TYLER made an amazing move, going in between two greyhounds. This left only one greyhound to beat. Once out of turn, HL'S TOD N TYLER took the lead and never looked back, driving to win by 4½ lengths. Somehow HL'S TOD N TYLER did not go off as the betting favorite and paid a nice $11.00 for the win. HL'S TOD N TYLER

Look Out He Has A Gun

Look Out Hes Got A Gun
Well actually he, as in the James O'Donnell Kennel's prize pup, Packin The Heat doesn't have a gun but it sure seems like it when he shoots out of the starting box. Packin The Heat, based on his performance in last Saturday Nights Hot Box Feature Race has gained the attention of all the railbirds at Hollywood Greyhound Track including THE RAILBIRD , Brian Lee from Portland Oregon.  

Packin The Heat was matched up in a mini stakes event for his maiden voyage over the Hollywood oval with some of the top maiden runners in the country. This star studded field including Packin The Heats full brother Big Bad Leroy proved no match for Packin. Shooting out of the seven box, Packin clocked a sizzling 5.62sec to the first sectional and romped to a easy win in the blazing time of 30.30 while coasting to easy six length victory.

Gulf Greyhound of the Week - Cry Homer

Courtesy of Gulf Greyhound

One of Gulf Greyhound Park’s all time popular and fastest greyhounds, Cry Homer from LQK Kennels, Inc., trained by Cam Hawkins, earns the weekly honor as Greyhound of the Week. After reeling off a three race win streak in late November and early December, Cry Homer has become red hot once again through these chilly temperatures winning his last two races.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gulf Greyhound of the Week - Tipp Cityboy

Courtesy of Gulf Greyhound

 Welcome to the new year of greyhound racing here at Gulf Greyhound Park in 2011. Earning this week’s honor as Greyhound of the Week for the first time in his racing career is Tipp Cityboy (Dodgem By Design – Cashel Fancy) from the Big Water Kennel trained by Sissy Sabell and owned by Pat Dalton.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

He's Got Two Guns

Hollywood Ready For Big Onslaught
Packin The Heat, the greyhound, runs Thursday night in the sixth race of the late card at Hollywood Greyhound Track and he will be going for his fourth win in a row. This young greyhound has caused quite a stir already in the new meet at Hollywood, that is just a few weeks old. Winning races in impressive fashion and captivating the racing public has become old hat for Packin The Heat already. This dog is slated to compete in the upcoming Puppy Stakes at Hollywood and after that the sky is the limit. None other than George “The Eskimo” Quinn of GreyhoundNews on Twitter has proclaimed Packin The Heat to be the fastest pup he has even seen break in at the Hollywood Oval.

The faithful at Hollywood have embraced Packin The Heat as one of their own and they turn out in large numbers whenever “The Heat “ is on. Hollywood is bracing for a large turnout this Thursday Night and while they expect to be able to accommodate the crowds they do advise that most seating is on a first come first serve basis so those of you Railbirds that want to get an up close view of “The Heat” they do recommend arriving earlier for the best choice of seating.

Also entered for racing on Thursday night is that top regarded maiden pup Tali Night that races for the Joe Trudden Kennel and is owned by Troy Wylie. This pup has yet to advance out of the maiden ranks but that should all change when Tali Night goes post ward from his favored eight box in the first race of the card.
Be sure to get to the track early so as not to miss any of this high powered race action but if you can’t get out then we will bring all the action right to your home computer at

Monday, January 3, 2011

Greyhound of the Week - Look My Way

Courtesey of Gulf Greyhound

It was a great week and an even better year of 2010 for this week’s Greyhound of the Week, Look My Way from D.Q. Williams Kennel. The 2010 AuRevoir Feature Race included Look My Way and seven more of the top sprinters that Gulf Greyhound Park had to offer.

The post position draw for the AuRevoir was #1 C Ya Salty Dog, #2 Look My Way, #3 KB’s Cigar Slam, #4 I Dont Remember, #5 Jedi