Friday, April 29, 2011

NGA News - Wheeling Hot Dogs (as of April 27)

NGA News -  Wayne Ward Kennel's WW's Cowboys has three straight Grade AA wins for trainer Ron Otto. Kennel-mates WW's Patriots has won three out of her last four Grade AA 3/8 trips while WW's Soul has back-to-back victories (A, AA).

    * C And C Kennel's CTW Neuroblast has four wins in a row (D, C, B, A) for trainer Patrick Bever.

    * Kennel-mate Mexican Trent has won three out of his last four Grade AA 3/8 races.

    * Gable Kennel's Cry Rudi has won three out of her last four outings (C, B, A) for trainer Wayne Piquette.

    * Steve Sarras Kennel's Bullseye Billy has back-to-back victories (A, AA) for trainer Robert Allen.

    * Abrahamson Kennel's Smooth Frank has two straight wins (B, A) for trainer Tom Engle. 
By Stan Pawloski

NGA News - Tali Aspen top dog at NGA Spring Meet auction

NGA News - This past NGA Spring Meet (Apr. 18-23) Biehle sold 39 of 40 pups that walked into the ring, taking home the only pup for which he didn't receive a bid.

Top pup sale in the ring was the Spring Meet's standout star, SE's Tali Aspen, purchased from Steve Ward and Penny Wick by Terry Scott for $35,000. Tali Aspen easily won her main stake, posting the two fastest times of the meet—30-flat on both occasions. The November daughter of Kiowa WW Brother-Time For A Party had three littermates sell handsomely also—SE's Sequoia selling for $23,000 to Australia's Robbie Britton, SE's Tali Willow going to Green Smith for $17,000, and SE's Lakotah purchased by Jim Blanchard for $4,500.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NGA News - Flying Coal City returns after Hall of Fame ceremony

NGA News -  North America's Triple Crown Greyhound champion Flying Coal City returned to Derby Lane with trainers and kennel owners Barbara and Malcolm McAllister after last week's Hall of Fame ceremony. The Rural Rube, Flashy Sir and All-America Team Captain was a passenger in the McAllister vehicle that also brought new pups for their Derby Lane booking.

Monday, April 25, 2011

NGA News - Spring Meet: Friday results, auction totals, & more!

NGA News -- NGA has posted a link to a print-able results page for Friday's Race results, and posted Friday's race replay videos.

Biehle steals Friday show at Spring Meet

 Kenneth Biehle of Thorndale, TX, and Dan Iselt of Lexington, TX, grabbed all three main division main-stakes in the August/September final this morning (Friday) at the NGA Spring Meet with pups from a Lonesome Cry-Tipp Gina litter.

Biehle's and Iselt's BI's Oh Cee won the first division with a 30.14 time,  BI's Tooters won the second stake in 30.10, and BI's Cole captured the third in 30.72.

John Dalton's Kells Danny Boy notched the morning's fastest time in winning the October I Final in 30.04. Danny Boy is by Atascocita Leroy-Too Late. Winner of the other October main-stake (Division 2) was Biehle's KB's Marquez (Dodgem By Design-Cherry Jubilee*) in 30.55.

Friday, April 22, 2011

NGA News - Spring Meet winds down

NGA News -  The last day of racing and the first day of the auction headline Friday's activities in Abilene, as the NGA Spring Meet heads into its final two days.

Twenty-six races are on tap, beginning at 9 a.m. Friday, including five main stakes. Three divisions of the August/September Stakes kick off the morning activities, along with their respective Flite I and Flite II races and consolations. Kenneth Biehle, John Dalton and Gordon Heath have entrants in all three of the August/September main-stake finals. Craigie, Inc. and Willis Hill have finalists in two of the three stakes

NGA News - Paddy Whacker wins 1st round Mardi Gras' Hollywoodian

NGA News - No matter the distance, no matter the racetrack, Orange Park's fastest greyhound ever is proving that he can hang with the best of them in the country. Case in point, the first round of the 2011 Hollywoodian at Mardi Gras!

Paddy Whacker not only won his first round race, he dominated it from start to finish, and when he was challenged late, he put his head down and did want champions do, he won! Recording the fastest time on the card, Paddy Whacker is proven once again that he is going to be a force to be reckoned with during this stakes race.
Congratulations head out to owners Doug and Lisa Riches for yet another accomplishment for this fantastic greyhounds. Kudos to the O'Donnell Kennel and trainer Sarah Kettlewell for getting the big guy ready to go for the start of the stakes.

Go get em Paddy and show everyone how we do things around here! Good luck from everyone at Orange Park, we will be rooting and cheering for you in each and every effort!
By Kelly Clark

NGA News - Spring Meet: Thursday results & race replays

NGA News -- NGA has posted a link to a print-able results page for Thursday's Race results, and Thursday's race replays videos

NGA News - Wheeling 2011 stakes schedule; dogs to watch..

NGA News -  The West Virginia Racing Commission has approved the 2011 stakes schedule for Wheeling Island.

    Although the dates are tentative, the $35,000 West Virginia Greyhound Owners and Breeders Association Juvenile and the $65,000 WVGOBA Sprint are docketed for October and November.

    According to track officials, those are the only two stake races scheduled for Wheeling Island this year.

    No $100,000 Wheeling Island Invitational, Panhandle Classic, Holiday Sprint, Buckeye Cup and George Kellas Memorial Cup.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hollywood Saturday Night Hot Box Event - April 23rd

NGA News - Monday & Tuesday's race replays videos

NGA News -  The much anticipated race replay videos for Monday and Tuesday are now online. 
 To view Monday's Race Replays, click here. 
 To view Tuesday's Race Replays, click here.

NGA News - Final program for Spring Meet Track Stakes

NGA News -  The final program for Spring Meet Track Stakes is available at the NGA News site.

A link to a print-able Spring Meet Track Stakes program has been provided:

2011 Spring Meet Track Stakes.PDF

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

NGA News - Spring Meet: Tuesday results posted

NGA News -  NGA has posted a link to a print-able results page for Tuesday's race results.

Tuesday's Results.PDF

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 - Spotlight on Paddy Whacker - No matter the distance, no matter the racetrack, Orange Park's fastest greyhound ever is proving that he can hang with the best of them in the country. Case in point, the first round of the 2011 Hollywoodian at Mardi Gras!

Paddy Whacker not only won his first round race, he dominated it from start to finish, and when he was challenged late, he put his head down and did want champions do, he won! Recording the fastest time on the card, Paddy Whacker is proven once again that he is going to be a force to be reckoned with during this stakes race.

NGA News - Derby Lane stars to be honored

NGA News -  Two of Derby Lane's superstars will be honored at the April 21 Greyhound Hall of Fame ceremonies as part of the week-long NGA Spring Meet.

"I can't thank everyone enough for recognizing Remedy again," said owner Eddie McDonald of TX. "It's an honor to be on the team and I look forward to seeing the people I met last year at my first meet in Abilene."

NGA News - Spring Meet: Monday results, & more notes!
(See results at the link.)

All pups get second chance at Spring Meet

Due to a relatively small number of entries (258), the NGA Board of Directors has approved a plan that will allow all qualified entrants to come back and run a second race on Thursday or Friday.

Once entrants in the regular stakes have been determined (i.e., Main, Flite I, Flite II, Borchers, Cooler and Warmer), the remainder of the 4th, 5th and 6th place greyhounds will be drawn, according to their age groups and divisions, for a series of consolation races on Thursday and Friday.

One intent is to get a second line on all pups and to allow a pup who had bad racing luck in Round 1 to once again show his or her talents during the Meet. This will give auction bidders on Friday and Saturday a better opportunity to gauge the true potential of each pup and bid accordingly.

Monday, April 18, 2011

NGA News - Spring Meet: Round 1 & the week ahead

NGA News -  Nine stakes, showcasing 258 young pups, will kick off the NGA Spring Meet on Monday and Tuesday (Apr. 18-19) in Abilene.

    The January Stake--which will include a number of February pups--gets the program underway at 9 a.m. Monday, with 25 entries. It will be followed by the December Stake (36 entries), an hour intermission and two divisions of the November Stakes (46 total entries).

NGA News - Orange Park Kennel Club weekend update

Kelly Clark for NGA News 

Friday - 4/15/2011

Great races from a grade racetrack, the Orange Park Kennel Club, this weekend. Loads of talent are flowing through our feature races, and even though they are not all grade A events, even the lesser talented greyhounds can still have an advantage against their respective fields. Look for the spot plays and load up, it could be an easy way to take home some extra cash!

NGA News - Derby Lane encourages fans to Get in the Game

NGA News -  For the past few weeks Derby Lane fans have been encouraged to "get in the game" of greyhound racing. NGA President Lester Raines sent posters to racetracks asking them to display them to help promote the upcoming Spring Meet that begins Monday April 18. In many circumstances racing fans come to the track and watch the races, but don’t know where to go for information on purchasing racing Greyhounds. Derby Lane distributed the posters throughout the facility where regular fans gathered for live and simulcast races.

NGA News - Spring Meet: Friday results, & more notes!

NGA Spring Meet Schooling Results—Fri., Apr. 15, 2011

30 races: Dragged after every 10; no watering.
(HS = Hand School-untimed; SC = Scratched)
Nominator ran every 4th race (Ex: Races 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, etc.); Number following name indicates nominator’s first race.

Track/Weather conditions: Very wet, rainy

STEVE BOYD—(Race 1) 31.03, 30.77, 31.02, 30.88, 31.02, 31.27, 31.42, SC
MARTY TANNER—(Race 2) 30.38, 30.20, 30.80, 30.21, 30.88, 30.68, 31.21, 31.03, SC, SC
JOHN DALTON—(Race 3) 30.34, 3.43, 31.05, 31.01, 31.43, 31.02
KEVIN GRESHAM—(Race 4) 30.25, 30.67, 30.77
DAVID STRONG—(Race 16) 30.74, 30.99, 30.89

End of schooling. Official races start 9 a.m. Monday, Apr. 18!

Friday, April 15, 2011

NGA News - Puppy Dominance at OPKC

NGA News -  Well you might not heard of Cayenne Bighunk yet, but trust me when I tell you, this is a greyhound that you are going to want to keep a close eye on in the future.
He might only have just 2 starts under his belt so far, but Bighunk is taking the racetrack by storm. So far he is undefeated, but that is nothing all the new, it's the way that he is winning races that is special.  In his two schoolers and his first two official starts he has not been behind. Yep, box to wire wins in each effort, but once he gets the lead, that is when it gets U-G-L-Y! This greyhound just keeps on increasing his lead and has left the field behind him by double digits in all of his wins.  His first schooling victory was by 10.5 lengths, his next was by an unbelievable 32, yes that is correct, 32 lengths. No letdown in site as he posted up a 10 length win in his first maiden race, and backed that up yesterday with a win in grade D by 11.5 lengths.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

NGA News - Spring Meet: Thursday results, & more notes!

NGA Spring Meet Schooling Results—Thurs., Apr. 14, 2011

100 races: Dragged after every 10; watered after race 70.

(HS = Hand School-untimed; SC = Scratched)

Nominator ran every 4th race (Ex: Races 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, etc.); Number following name indicates nominator’s first race.

Hollywood's Saturday Night Hot Box Event - April 16th

NGA News - Wheeling's pups at Spring Meet

NGA News -  Will a star of the future come out of next week’s National Greyhound Association Spring Meet in Abilene, Kansas? Time will tell as breeders bring their pups to the twice-a-year event. The fall meet is held in October.

Racing kicks off Monday morning and continues throughout the week. The racing auction is held on Friday and Saturday, April 22-23. Wheeling’s two 2010 All-Americans, KB’s Ruckus and Cry Case, as well as the other honorees, will be recognized during the week.

NGA News -- Really Xtreme dominates at OPKC

NGA News -- Really Xtreme made the most of the post last night at Orange Park Kennel Club as he broke close, rushed hard to the turn, took over the lead, and was never challenged all the way to the wire.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

NGA News - Spring Meet: Wednesday results, & more notes!

NGA Spring Meet Schooling Results—Wednesday, Apr. 13, 2011

17 races: Dragged after 10; no water
(HS = Hand School-untimed; SC = Scratched)
Nominator ran every 4th race (Ex: Races 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, etc.); Number following name indicates nominator’s first race.

GORDON HEATH—(Race 1) 30.25, 30.33, 30.57, 30.79, 30.60
KEN BROTHERTON—(Race 2) 30.56, 30.61, 30.92
HELEN STOUT—(Race 3) 30.32, 30.80, 30.74, 31.10
JEFF COLE—(Race 4) 30.83, 30.65, 30.85
MYRTLE ERWIN—(Race 14) 31.00, 30.94

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NGA News - Spring Meet Schooling Results, 11th & 12th

NGA Spring Meet Schooling Results—Monday, Apr. 11, 2011

72 races: Dragged after every 10; watered after 40.

(HS = Hand School-untimed; SC = Scratched)

Nominator ran every 4th race (Ex: Races 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, etc.); Number following name indicates nominator’s first race.

NGA News - Editorial: Tim Balakas on Southland success

Tim Balakas for NGA News -  With all the negativity that seems to have encompassed the greyhound industry in general (breedings continue to decline, tracks closing, legislative bills threatening live racing requirements, etc.) I would like to share with you and other greyhound owners some good news in our business.

Southland Park Gaming & Racing, a historic jewel of the sport, has been going against the grain in many aspects and is growing at a time when many have declined. The “point value” for greyhound purses has grown by leaps and bounds over the past two years. Just last month, the point value and the total amount of money paid to purses was the highest ever in the 55-year history of the track ($191 per point).

Monday, April 11, 2011

Magic Finch upsets in Distance Classic final

Recent News by Vera Rasnake
Magic Finch upsets in Distance Classic final
"She reminds me of Ezra Clem", said kennel owner Jim Abernathy in the winner’s circle of the 52nd annual Distance Classic of his stakes winner Magic Finch. "She really ran a nice race and to come back on Gazillionair was phenomenal." The Distance Classic started off with a surprise when the morning line favorite Kelsos Ace High (Lester Raines) was scratched from the event due to minor injury. Because of the late scratch a seven-dog field was presented.
Magic Finch exploded out of the box from the two post and led all the way until late in the backstretch. Uss Gazillionair (1) passed the female but she came back to steal the win back to win the stakes. Finch (Lonesome Cry x Bird A Flyin) paid $10.80 for her win over the bet favorite Mohican Mink Mae (8) clocking a speedy 37.33. Flying Masago finished a nose behind second and Midnight Light completed the superfecta. Fifth through seventh was Kiowa Sky Selma, Bow Timeless and Mohican Mink Mae. Next up is the Gold Trophy Juvenile stakes where Magic Finch is expected to be an entry as well as Sprint Classic champion Hi Noon Renegade

NGA News - Sunday's Spring Meet Schooling Results

NGA News -  55 races scheduled: Dragged after every listed 10; watered after Race 30.

(HS = Hand School-untimed; SC = Scratched)

Nominator ran every 4th race (Ex: Races 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, etc.); Number following name indicates nominator’s first race.

GORDON HEATH—(Race 1) 31.02, 31.25, 31.16, 31.71, 31.59

KEN BROTHERTON—(Race 2) 31.20, 31.57, 31.62


STEVE WARD—(Race 4) 30.59, 31.17, 31.04, 31.41, 31.40, 31.19, 31.35, 31.65, 31.62, 31.68, 31.88, 32.08

JEFF COLE—(Race 14) HS, HS, HS



HARLAND OLSON—(Race 26) 31.38, 31.64, 31.05, 31.28, 31.82, 32.06

GREGORIO LAYVA—(Race 39) 32.62, 31.81, HS, 31.71, 32.31, SC


NGA News - Big Jax weekend

Kelly Clark for NGA News -- Time for another installment of great greyhound racing here at the Orange Park Kennel Club this weekend. This weekend we have a good mix of quality runners, rising puppies, stakes winners, and even a All-American. Spot plays oh plenty are dotted throughout the card, so grab your cash and get ready to wager on some great talent at the Orange Park Kennel Club.

Friday, April 8, 2011

NGA News - Spring Meet notes & auction consignments

NGA News -- Tying together some loose ends before activities at the NGA Spring Meet (Apr. 18-23) in Abilene get started....
  • All Meet attendees need to know where the action is on Tuesday event (Apr. 19). That’s the night of the Hall Of Fame Dinner/Auction, starting at 6 p.m. at the museum.  Some terrific items have already been consigned to the sale and can be found listed on the NGA’s website. Deadline for listing consignments and prizes, in order to make the printed catalog, is Sunday (Apr. 17) at 3 p.m. All proceeds from the event will go to the Hall Of Fame. Dinner will be by donation ($15 recommended) as it was last year. Don’t miss this fun event…! 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

NGA News - Midnight Light takes excitement to Florida

NGA News -  Midnight Light thrilled fans at Wheeling Island time and time again with her fantastic finishes.
Now she's doing the same at Derby Lane in Florida. Since arriving at St. Petersburg in January, the distance dandy has acquitted herself quite well. This Saturday night she's a finalist in the $80,000 Distance Classic. Midnight Light had a first, second, third and seventh in her four qualifying rounds to accumulate a total of 36 points. She's racing out of the D'Arcy Kennel.

NGA News - Mink Mae leads way for Distance Classic final

NGA News -  Just like Madonna's character introduction in the movie A League of Their Own it was "all the way Mae" in the semifinals of the Distance Classic. Kiowa Mink Mae rocketed out of the box to win three of the four qualifiers for the Distance Classic topping her rivals with 54 points.

NGA News - Wheeling Hot Dogs (as of April 6)

NGA News -  Wayne Ward Kennel’s Kiowa Starz Seth has four straight victories (A, AA) for trainer Ron Otto. Kennel-mates Starz Cry Devil has won three out of his last four starts (C, B, A) while WW Kool Me Up has back-to-back wins (A, AA).

C And C Kennel’s Chronicle Trent has won four out of his last five Grade AA distance races for trainer Patrick Bever. Kennel-mate U Too Enzo has back-to-back Grade AA wins.

Ryan Farms Kennel’s Overlord has three victories in a row (D, C, B) for trainer Mick D’Arcy.

A Ray Kennel’s Dakotas Alene has back-to-back wins (A, AA) for trainer Joe Palmer.

Charter Kennel’s Blackjack Beaver has two straight victories (A, AA) for trainer Rodney Cooley.

By Stan Pawloski

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NGA News - Pre-Meet schooling next week

NGA News -  Pre-Meet schooling for the NGA Spring Meet kicks off at 8:30 a.m., Sunday, Apr. 10, at the NGA Track in Abilene. Schooling programs are slated for each day, on through Friday, Apr. 15.

    The NGA Spring Meet gets underway on Monday morning, Apr. 18 with the first round of racing for several of the Track-Stake age groups.

    Entries for Sunday's and Monday's schooling program (Apr. 10-11) should be made with the NGA by 2 p.m. this Friday, Apr. 8. Drawing for schooling positions will be made at that time for Sunday's and Monday's schooling programs.

    Schooling will be held at 8:30 each morning, Apr. 10-15, except for Thursday (Apr. 14) when it will begin at 7:30 a.m.

    Information can be found on the NGA's website.

NGA News - Midnight Light vs Kelsos Ace High in semifinals

NGA News -  The semifinal rounds for the Distance Classic will be featured Wednesday night April 6 in races 6 and 10.

Last week Midnight Light halted the win streaks of Kelsos Ace High and Kiowa Mink Mae. Wednesday night Midnight Light and Ace High will go "paw to paw" again seeking the top points. Ace High is the current point leader with 40 points. Midnight Light is just six points behind, but is currently in a three-way tie for third place and is expected to earn her slot in the final.

"This is a race that Ryan Farms would love to win," said trainer Kate D'Arcy. "They have come so close in the past." Ryan Farms is the owner of Midnight Light who claimed her fame at Wheeling Downs where she set the previous marathon track record. Mohican Mink Mae the second high point-getter with 38 drew in race six. The point distribution is as follows: Win = 16, 2nd = 10, 3rd = 8, 4th =6, 5th = 3, 6th = 2, 7th = 1 and 8th = 0. The top eight will move to the $80,000 stakes race final Saturday night April 9. Entries and race replays are available at the Derby Lane home page.

Other news: Patriot kennel continues to extend their top kennel status. Trainer Victor Hall has gone from a nose in front to a 15 win lead in the standings. McAllister kennel has also charged up the ranks and is in second place followed by Floyd & Porter, J. E. O'Donnell and Red Oak Racing making up the top five.
By Vera Rasnake

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

NGA News - GPA president Rory Goree steps down

NGA News  --  Phoenix, AZ  --  After 17 years with Greyhound Pets of America (GPA)--10 of them as the organization's national president--long-time adoption leader Rory Goree announced last week that he was leaving that post, effective Apr. 1.

Goree, a U.S. Navy veteran, led GPA, the largest greyhound adoption organization in the world, through a period of exceptional growth. Under his leadership, the organization (founded in 1987) added dozens of local chapters and placed thousands of retired greyhounds in adoptive homes.

NGA News - Xtreme Dominance profile

Kelly Clark for NGA News -  I can think of a million words to describe the winner of the 2011 Jacksonville Sprint Classic, but the best might just be DOMINANT! Really Xtreme not only won this stakes final, he put his mark on it for all time. This effort will go down as one of the best ever in a stakes final at the Orange Park Kennel Club.

As the lure plowed through the far turn and the greyhounds got ready to break, no one saw this coming. The lid popped open and out popped Really Xtreme to the lead. No need to close in this race as he was in control heading up the front side. Helping on his way was his kennelmate. Hs Butane was in the one box and stumbled at the break and gave Xtreme all the room he needed to see the front end.

NaplesNews -- Poll to decouple racing from gaming

Naples News has posted a poll regarding decoupling racing from gaming in Florida.
Poll Question: 

Should dog tracks be allowed to scale back racing without losing other types of games?

Click here to vote: 


NGA News - CTW Flight Plan is tracking in Australia

NGA News -  With the Spring Meet on the horizon buyers often reflect on the previous year and attempt to find the performances of past purchased pups. For one of those bought at last year's Spring meet one would have to track it to Australia where CTW Flight Plan, known now in Australia as Flight Tracker is currently racing. Robert Britton of Australia purchased CTW Flight Plan last Spring for $20,000 from David Peck. Flight Plan was shipped to Derby Lane where he quickly climbed the graded ladder for the D'Arcy kennel. Racing in the US as CTW Flight Plan the male competed against the best sprinters at the track. And with only a handful of races under his belt, Flight Plan competed against 2010 National Triple Crown champion Flying Coal City in the Fall Sprint. [read more]

Monday, April 4, 2011

NGA News - Distance Classic upset for favorites in stakes qualifiers

NGA News -  The third round of the $80,000 Distance Classic saw favorites lose and streaks halted to rivals turning in incredible performances. Abernathy kennel's Magic Finch (Lonesome Cry x Bird A Flyin) was the best in the homestretch and snatched the win away from the bet favorite USS Gazillionair at the wire. Flying Masago, who won round two, poured it on at the end finishing third from sixth and Kiowa Sky Selma completed the superfecta. Hammered Tight, who broke on top and set the pace, finished fifth followed by Waubun Queen B, Hi Noon Maestro and RC Johnny Lobo in race six.

NGA News - Bluffs March wrap-up

NGA News -  Bo Man gave the only four-win performance in March at Bluffs Run while the Blake & Black Kennel came out on top of a four-way race for the month's kennel honors.

Bo Man, a three-year-old out of Craigie Whistler Dam-Zekes Angela, rattled off wins by nine, four, one and three lengths for the Blake & Black Kennel.

That, along with a three-win month by O Ya Morgan, led Blake & Black to a 38-win month, tops among the kennels. The kennel pulled off the wins with only 196 starts, the least number of starts among the top seven kennels.

NGA News - Little Andy in Bluffs Brackets

NGA News -  Little Andy gave a steady box-to-wire performance in winning the $60,000 Bracket Challenge over PG Tiger Saturday, April 2, at Bluffs Run.
Little Andy in Bluffs Brackets

Little Andy, a 69-pounder out of Jimbo Scotty-Scatillac Cassic, pulled out to a two-length lead in the backstretch, then proved steady enough in the homestretch as PG Tiger closed the difference to a half-length in the homestretch.
For Little Andy owner Randy Caskey, the win was another trophy for the family.

"Little Andy's sister, Flop, won a stakes here at Bluffs Run," pointed out Caskey, "and another from the litter won a stakes at Dubuque. I'm glad John and (Blake & Black's) Clay Black do a hell of a job."  [read more]

Friday, April 1, 2011

NGA News - Bluffs bracket final set

NGA News -  The championship match-up for the $60,000 Bracket Challenge at Bluffs Run is set following the Wednesday, March 30, Final Four showdown.

The Saturday, April 2, race will feature a one-seed, Little Andy (Blake & Black) against a seven-seed, PG Tiger (Bean & Stout).

In Wednesday’s Final Four race, Little Andy, the Mark Pendgraft Region champion, gave a box-to-wire performance to win by two lengths and eliminate Gale WW Warick (Woodall), a five-seed who won the Lydia Mason Region.

PG Tiger, a two-time All-Bluffs Run team selection and the Bo Guidry Region champion, finished second and that eliminated RJ’s Al. Al, the defending Iowa Breeders Classic and the Rory DeSantiago Region Champion, was three and a half lengths behind Tiger.

As a one seed, Little Andy followed form. As a seven seed, PG Tiger upset a two seed, a sixth seed and a one seed on his trip to the championship.

By Steve Sigafoose

NGA News - Ace High wins again

NGA News -  Kelsos Ace High (Kelsos Fusileer x Kelsos Picilino) continued his winning spree Wednesday night for the Ken Lesperance trained Lester Raines kennel earning a second set of win points in the Distance Classic series. J. E. O’Donnell kennel’s Mohican Mink Mae (Heart Rumble* x Kiowa Mysticmink) also turned in a back-to-back win for trainer John Graham. Both greyhounds are the only undefeated contenders moving into the last two rounds before the April 9 final.

Kelsos Ace High also racked up five in a row as the season’s win leader now at 13 wins for the year. Raines also posted a win in round two with the dual distance USS Gazillionair, who won the Fall Juvenile last November. McAllister kennel’s Flying Masago pulled off a win to guarantee his entry in the final two rounds. Fifteen greyhounds advanced with 11 or more points leaving the final slot open. Red Oak’s Hammered Tight and Capabal kennel’s Sweetheart Challenge champ RC Johnny Lobo--both with 10 points each will enter a draw by lot to see who moves to round three. The draw for the third round will be held in the Racing office and a sneak peek will be featured on Vera’s News at approximately 7:30 pm, est.
By Vera Rasnake

NGA News - Wheeling Island highlights

via NGA News 

Rough Shod, littermates shine at Wheeling

The chances of five littermates making the grade at Wheeling Island are pretty slim.  It doesn’t happen very often, but C And C Kennel trainer Patrick Bever is optimistic he has the group to do it.
CTW Rough Shod, CTW Rapid Rover and CTW Rosemary already have impressed while CTW Roulette and CTW Roustabaout should be breaking in later this spring. They are April 2009 greyhounds out of Trent Lee-Tk Ursula and owned by David Peck.

NGA News - PBKC Puppy Stake: Round 2 Saturday

NGA News - West Palm Beach, Fl. - Round two qualifying action for Palm Beach Kennel Club's $20,000 Bob Balfe Puppy Stakes will be contested Saturday afternoon, April 2.

Round-one entries looking to remain undefeated in the second go-around of qualifying include:

In Race 6, 16-1 longshot-winner #7 Uhaul Muffin (Red Ranger - Wayout Jan, Tru Palm Kennel). There is a lot of early speed in this event, which may prove to be a hindrance to the round-one victor.

Race 8 will provide us with a triple dose of first-round winners as #5 Turbo Razor (Kiowa Sweet Trey - Turbo Wind Blown, Rader Racing), #6 Atascocita Rabon (Kiowa Sweet Trey - Atascocita Betty, Suncoast Kennel) and #8 CU Bulletproof (WW Time Warp - Out Of Line, Royal Racing Team) all battle for early supremacy.

In Race 14, #5 Jawa Jameson (Clappin Thunder - Jawa Laurie, Royal Racing Team) will attempt to remain undefeated, while in the final qualifier of the afternoon in Race 15, all eyes will be on the impressive youngster #7 RK's Conk Gonk (Dragon Fire - RK's Tomb Raider, Rader Racing).

Second-round qualifying will also be held in races ten and twelve.

Following Saturday afternoon's second round of qualifying, the field will be trimmed to 32 entries. They will compete in round three on Wednesday afternoon, April 6, with the top 16 point-earners advancing to the semifinals Sunday afternoon, April 10.

The 45th running of the $20,000 Bob Balfe Puppy Stakes will take place Saturday afternoon, April 16.

The Puppy Stakes is named in honor of former Palm Beach Post Time sports columnist and great friend to Greyhound racing Bob Balfe.