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NGA News - Xtreme Dominance profile

Kelly Clark for NGA News -  I can think of a million words to describe the winner of the 2011 Jacksonville Sprint Classic, but the best might just be DOMINANT! Really Xtreme not only won this stakes final, he put his mark on it for all time. This effort will go down as one of the best ever in a stakes final at the Orange Park Kennel Club.

As the lure plowed through the far turn and the greyhounds got ready to break, no one saw this coming. The lid popped open and out popped Really Xtreme to the lead. No need to close in this race as he was in control heading up the front side. Helping on his way was his kennelmate. Hs Butane was in the one box and stumbled at the break and gave Xtreme all the room he needed to see the front end.

Xtreme was not alone though as the pup Snj Ginger had come to run as well. She too came out quickly and was pressing the leader as they approached the finish line. Kiowa Adara Art was stalking and Kiowa Mc Gee was not far behind either. As they made the turn, Xtreme was still easily in command, but the rest of the lineup had changed. Kiowa Adara Art made a huge rush up the rail to steal away place from Ginger as she had to settle for chasing in fourth as Kiowa Mc Gee made a smart move to the rail and took over show.

Down the backside is where the separation began to happen and it grew apparent that that no one was going to get to the leader. With every stride Really Xtreme took, he increase his lead over the competition. He just kept the pedal to the metal all the way to the stretch and then the turbos kicked in. Getting closer and closer to the finish line, Xtreme burst for the wire with one more surge and left the field seven and a half lengths behind him at the finish line. His 30.31 second romp was the fastest in all of the stakes rounds and when he needed it, he found it.

Kiowa Adara Art won the photo for next best as Kiowa Mc Gee gave a bold challenge for place but came up a nose short at the wire. Mandy Of Ruckus completed the superfecta with a great run around the racetrack. The tough five box took its toll on her, but she never gave up and just kept on coming all the way to the finish line. Fifth was the early pressuring pup Snj Ginger. Sixth was Pat C Red Dawn, who was left early on and despite a bit of a close was far behind for the majority of this race. The early stumbling Hs Butane was 7th, and the early speed Uss Fine Touch was last after not seeing the lead in this effort.

11th Grade: S Distance:  550 Condition: Fast
Really Xtreme      65    2  1  1  3     1  4     1  7.5   30.31   3.10  2011 Sprint Champ
Kiowa Adara Art    75    4  5  2        2        2  7.5   30.84   6.30  Rushed Up Early Rl
Kiowa Mc Gee       84.5  8  3  3        3        3  7.5   30.85   6.30  Showed Evenly Rl
Mandy Of Ruckus    56    5  6  6        4        4  9     30.94  13.30  Improved Little Mt
Snj Ginger         60    6  2  4        5        5  11    31.07   9.10  Crowded 1st Turn
Pat C Red Dawn     63.5  7  7  7        8        6  14.5  31.34   7.90  Lacked Room Early
Hs Butane          72.5  1  8  8        6        7  15    31.36   4.90  Stumbled At Break
Uss Fine Touch     59    3  4  5        7        8  16    31.42   2.70  Never In It    
Lester Raines Kennels,  Fl,  Llc, R  F, M, 12/22/08, AFLEET ALEX - XTREME HUSTLER
2    Really Xtreme       8.20   3.80   3.00
4    Kiowa Adara Art            6.60   6.20
8    Kiowa Mc Gee                      4.40

QU(2-4)                 37.20
PF(2-4)                 74.40
TR(2-4-8)              393.60
SU(2-4-8-5)            838.60

Congratulation to the Lester Raines Kennel, Trainer Mike Gerard, Owner Deborah Strickland, and everyone else connected with this outstanding young athlete.

Right now he has to be considered one of the best young talents in the whole country. In the last five months he has posted two stakes titles and in both he was never in question. He won the 2010 Jacksonville Juvenile by 8 1/2  lengths in 30.30 seconds, and backed that up with a near duplicate effort in the finals of the 2011 Jacksonville Sprint Classic as he won by 7 1/2 lengths in 30.31 seconds.

These two victories are not the whole story though, he has also made the finals of two other stakes races as well. His first attempt came in the 2010 James J Patton Silver Cup where he finished a close fourth in the finals, and his first efforts over 660 yards saw him compete in the finals of the 2011 Orange Park Derby. So far he has competed in four stakes events, made the finals of all four, won twice, and finished in the money on three occasions.

Against the best at the racetrack his stakes record speaks for itself. With 20 starts, he has won eight times, finished second six times, and finished fourth on 3 occasions. (20/8-6-0-3) Or if you want to look at it this way, he has been in the Quiniela in 14 of his 20 races!

With a strong break, a great rush, and breakaway speed in the stretch, this greyhound can win with our without the lead in any race and in this stakes final he proved once again that he is the best that the Orange Park Kennel Club has to offer.

I have already heard of several other options that his greyhound might have in store for him in the near future, so keep posted to the website and see just what he is going to do next.

Really Xtreme is the REAL DEAL and I know that his All-America daddy Afleet Alex is really impressed once again with the effort that he has put out. The best at the racetrack, and one of the best in the country, the greyhound with ICE in his veins, is proving that when he needs to step up to the plate, he is always ready for the challenge.

Once again congrats from everyone here at the Orange Park Kennel Club, and remember when the ICE MAN cometh, the race is for place!

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