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NGA News - Orange Park Kennel Club weekend update

Friday - 7/1/2011

Spot plays O'Plenty at the Orange Park Kennel Club this weekend. Loads of top talent down in grade, posted up monsters ready to win, and even some aspiring pups looking to make a name for themselves, so buckle up and take a look at the features races at the Orange Park Kennel Club.

First up is Friday evening and we will look at the 4th, 7th, 10th, 11th, and 15th races.

We jump right in with a major spot play in the 4th race. The 2011 JGR Puppy Stakes winner, Gs Uncle Harry is down a grade in B and gets a great 8 box to break from. Away from the crowd, he should find his break in this effort and control from box to wire. Trying to make him work will be strong closer Lk's Caprica and solid dropper, Pat C Dreamrider. (8-7-2-1)

Race 7 is interesting as the big early speeders look to steal enough to hold off the closers at the finish line. In this grade A race PDX Bruno won't be in the lead early on, but he could be at the wire. That is if the big early speeders give him a chance to get there. Cayenne Bighunk could wire this field on the lead, but he will have to wrestle the lead away from a posted up Dakotas Adeline and a rebounding Concerto Spirit to get it done. (6-4-1-7)

Red hot running time as Jl's Dutch Jem looks to continue her streak in this grade A effort. She has won 4 races in a row and 5 in her last 6 starts and once she gets the lead, she is almost untouchable on the front end. Still she has talent chasing her in this race with the likes of Kiowa Adara Art and Wp's Clinton, so this race could turn into a battle for the win in the stretch if they decide to show up. (5-3-8-1)

Another grade A event in the 11th race and Dutch Hustle is looking for big back to back wins in this effort. Last time out, he was gone early and won by 6, but here making the lead will be an uphill battle. Upstart Hanks Overtime is breaking really well and so can Gm's Dale. Both have the skills to make the lead, but can they hold off the Hustle at the finish line. Each is short late and it could be their demise in this race. (3-8-2-7)

Jumping over to 660 for the 15th race, the closers have come to play. Who knows who is going to win this one? They are all posted up and I guess whoever comes out closest at the start should come out at the winner in this effort. Leading contender, Dutch Buckeye, back to 660 for him and so far he has done really well. Last time outside, he won, this is the 7 box. But Kiowa Trent Tovi has more starts and wins over 660 than probably anyone in this field. Be wary of Vanessa Rousso too. She is back at 660 and draws her best box, the 1, at the start of this effort. If they all come to run, this will be a thrilling race to watch. (7-8-1-4)

Saturday - 7/2/2011

We continue on with the selections in the feature races for Saturday evening. Let's check out the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 11th, and 15th races.

Newcomer Arapahoe is looking to continue his red hot running in the 2nd race on the card. This Mardi Gras shipper has taken well to the racetrack and is unbeaten so far in a pair of schooling efforts and his first official start in grade D. He won that race easily and put up a grade A time in the process. Granted he will have to catch Kiowa Elle on the lead probably, but it should not be a problem for him. Streak continues here. (7-2-5-1)

Another Penrose greyhound and another outside post position. Penrose Daryn is wide enough to win this race in the 7 box, but he is going to have his work cut out for him to get it done. Big talent sits in the 5 box with solid dropper Kiowa Jill Vik, but if she doesn't break the post will be her demise. Bl Sophie Lou has back to back wins showing and is ready for the hat trick in the 8 box and you can never count out the big early speed of Sunsand Dream, especially from the 1 box. Whoever comes to run, will take home the win tonight. (7-5-8-1)

The 7th race is all about the post position of Kiowa Mc Gee. He is a monster from the rail and finally gets back there in this effort. Forget about the lines from the outside posts, from the rail he is a totally different greyhound. He breaks better and will find a way to win this race. Props head out to puppy Hanks Isaiah for his recent hot run, but he has how raced against the likes of these greyhounds before. Night of Stars winner Gm's Cashman is also in the mix here and you can't leave out the solid grade A fast closing, DQ Williams greyhound like Chaz Is The Best from your superfectas. (2-3-4-8)

Race 11 could be crowded at the finish line as there are several top talents here and anyone of them could take home the win if the mood is right in the room. Walking a bit out on a limb, I'll take Wild Boy Andy to win. I know he is a bit all or nothing, but he has the 1 box and the 2 and 3 both sit at the start of the race. He should get a false start on the rail and make the early lead. Once in front he can beat almost anyone, and he does in this field. Chasing and closing all the way to the wire will be back to back winner, Big Drama, Gs Tee Up, and On The Fly. If any of them decide to break they could be upset minded here. (1-3-5-2)

Capping off the card with a 660 race and Kiowa Deli Dee is not going to sit in the box that bad in back to back starts, so she is the one to beat in this effort. Most of this race is made up of closer and without anyone challenging her early on, she should steal enough to easily win at the wire. Trying to chip away at the lead, and make a run at her at the finish, will be recent winner Really Gonnarock, DQ Derby Finalist Make U Look, and newcomer Lk's Mystifier. (5-4-3-7)

Saturday - 7/2/2011

Up next is Saturday matinee and the races well will feature are the 1st, 4th, 7th, 11th, and 15th on the card.

Only one name needs to be mentioned in this grade D event, MR. CLARK! He is down 3 grades, clearly the best greyhound in this field, and should win this race by a country mile, that is if he decides he wants to run. There is a little early speed to his inside, but no one can run with him in the deep stretch. All he has to do is show up from an advantageous post position, and this race is his to lose. (7-6-2-5)

Post is the key to success in the 4th race on the card, and Penrose Koutney is the recipient of the trump card. Here she is down a grade in D and gets her best starting box with the 8. She loves it wide and it along is the difference in the outcome of this effort. From here she will break better and find a way to win this race. (8-1-6-5)

Race 7 is along a copy of race 4 as a Penrose greyhound, this time around Samantha, draws the 8 box. All of them love it outside and this greyhound is no exception but she is in grade B and the competition is way tougher, including solid droppers Gotyourgoodeye, Heartlessplayboy, and Fan This Flame. All have won at the top level of competition and all are looking to get back there in this effort. They will need to break better in this effort if they want to get it done before the finish line. (8-6-2-4)

Race 11 should be one to watch as we have a little bit of everything going on. Blazing early speed from Gs Uncle Henry, a posted up greyhound in Fth Tiger Lilly, and a streaker in Wkl Marly Carly. All three of these greyhounds have the skills needed to win this effort, but what things weighs out with the most importance? I'll take post, then speed, and then hotness. So Henry holds on at the wire as Tiger Lilly gives a late charge to outlast Marly Carly for place. (4-1-2-6)

Experience plays a big role in the 15th and final race on the card. Lady Gator has loads of that and gets the 1 box to help out her efforts in this race. She loves it in here, and the red box alone might get her a win. No one is better in the stretch in this race, but will she be too far behind Snj Gigner early on to get the job done at the wire. This stakes final veteran knows how to win races and is looking to get there again in this effort. Dropper, closer, Ucme Disturbed, and rising star Lk's Energizing should also make some noise in the stretch. (1-6-2-8)

Sunday - 7/3/2011

Finishing off the weekend with Sunday matinee, we take a look at the 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, and 14th races.

Race 5 might be a maiden race, but we have some great promising looking puppies in this race. Waubun Noelle is undefeated in 2 schooling efforts, winning one by almost 10 lengths and right next door is the equally impressive Git N Extreme. Three trips, two wins, and a strong closing 2nd, but both will have to contend with the experienced Snj Hefeweizen. He has not missed the money as of yet and has run just as fast as both of the other pups. Milo Kendra also needs a look as she has improved in both of her starts and was 2nd to Noelle in schooling. If they all come out running we are in store for a great race. (3-2-5-6)

Race 7 is evenly matched and even though Mo Fannie should steal a lead, there is no way in my book that she can hold it all the way to the finish line. Lk's Mandalay appears the one to beat. He likes the rail and gets it in this start with the 2 box. he has good closing speed and has won 2 grade A's in his last 4 trips. With a good closing kick, he steals away this win at the finish. Another closer Diamond Mia will be coming on strong late too to challenge and you can count on Braska Deacon to be in the mix as he has not missed the money in 5 starts in a row in grade A. (2-7-6-3)

Overdue is the keyword for the 9th race on the card. Kiowa Top Design is far the talented of this race and is well overdue for a victory. He is down a grade again here in B and the last time he saw this level of competition, he won by almost 9 lengths from the same post that he has in this effort. Can you say repeat? I can! But to get it done he will have to outfinish the speedy Gs Millie on the early lead, and don't forget the posted, closing, Lockdown Lucy, or the better than his lines show runner, Se's Racen Rambo. (3-5-8-2)

Speed and breaking are the keys to winning the 11th race on the card. Loads of talent, speed, and determination in this effort and it is going to be really crowded at the wire. Leading the way early, Leading Steps. He loves the rail and even though he can be short late, the post gets him in front of everyone early on and it should be enough for him to hold on. He will have to be careful though as red hot Bf Dan also has some early gears. With 2 straight and 4 in 5 starts, he is a winning machine and might want that hat trick. Veterans Locall Torino and Scottish Dreamer are also here and has won several grade A starts apiece. Desire takes the cake in this effort. (1-8-6-7)

Last but not least is the 14th race for Sunday matinee with Gs Emma in the 1 box. Since the stakes she has not looked like herself at all, but down two grades with the 1 box, this is her time to shine. Time to get out of the funk and break to the early lead in this race. Helping her out is that there is not big early speed greyhounds in this race at all. All she needs to do is see the front end and that winning style will return to her. Watch out for the puppy Kiowa Fire Fly to give his all, and for closer Lk's Unforgiven to make a late charge to challenge. (1-5-8-6)
By Kelly Clark

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