Monday, July 4, 2011

NGA News - Possibility of Gold Cup, Silver Cup at Fall Meet

NGA News -  There's still a possibility that a Gold and Silver Cup could be held this upcoming Fall Meet (Oct. 10-15), but--at least in the case of the Silver Cup--it depends solely on owners making their pups eligible with one-year payments in the next two months.  A minimum of 16 final entries are necessary in order to run either stake, or else it will be canceled.

    The Silver Cup is for pups whelped in June, July and August 2010. There are 10 June pups that have already paid the annual payment of $100 per pup. The fate of the stake rests on whether enough pups from July (9 pups from 2 litters) and August (16 pups from 3 litters) are paid up. Payments are due anytime during the month in which the eligible litters turn one year old.

    The last hurdle will be whether at least16 pups are paid up with the final $1,000 entry payment, which is due the week before the Meet itself.

    The Gold Cup--which is for February through May 2010 pups--has a total of 16 pups still eligible. All 16 would need to be entered the week before the meet in order for the stake to be staged.

    A revamped format of the Cup series goes into effect for the Spring Meet 2012. The initial fee of $50 per litter (due at litter-registration time) will be the same, but the one-year payment will be $100 per litter (instead of per pup), and the final payment will be $250 per spot (name of entry from the eligible litter not needing to be designated until just prior to the draw).

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