Thursday, July 21, 2011

NGA News - Wheeling Hog Dogs (as of July 20)

NGA News -  A Ray Kennel's Dakotas Eleanor has won four out of her last five Grade AA trips for trainer Joe Palmer. Kennel-mates Dakotas Alene (AA) and TK Pura Vida (A, AA) have back-to-back wins. Charter Kennel's Red Rooster Bonz has won four out of his last five Grade AA starts for trainer Robert Cooley. Steubenville Kennel's Kiowa Lazy Jay has three straight Grade AA wins for trainer Debbie Schweizer. Lester Raines Kennel's Switzler Mustard has won three out of her last four outings (M, C, B) for trainer Joel Roden. C And C Kennel's Correct Trent has three wins in a row (M, C, B) for trainer Patrick Bever. Wayne Ward Kennel's WW's Risky Rider (A, AA 3/8), WW Always N Ever (A, AA) and WW's Iceman (B, A 3/8) have back-to-back victories for trainer Ron Otto. Abrahamson Kennel's Skate Gonchar (B, A) and JA's Bandit (B, A 3/8) have two straight wins for trainer Tom Engle. Douglas Kennel's Gabe Jean Grey has back-to-back victories (B, A) for trainer James Roche.

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