Thursday, July 28, 2011

NGA News - Wheeling Hot Dogs (as of July 27)

NGA News -  A Ray Kennel's Dakotas Alene has raced to three straight Grade AA victories for trainer Joe Palmer.

Vince Berland Kennel's HS Bolt has three Grade AA wins in a row for trainer Pamela Webb. Kennel-mates Flying Dorsey (AA), Flying Chattaroy (AA) and Flying Bloom (A, AA) have two straight victories.

Wayne Ward Kennel's Kiowa WW Devera has two wins and a second in his last three Grade AA starts for trainer Ron Otto. Kennel-mate WW's Cowboys has back-to-back Grade AA victories while WW Always N Ever has won three out of his last four outings (A, AA).

Steubenville Kennel's Fair Share has back-to-back Grade AA victories for trainer Debbie Schweizer.

Ryan Farms Kennel's Super C Astra has two Grade AA 3/8 wins in a row for trainer Mick D'Arcy.

Gable Kennel's Gable Jacob has back-to-back victories (A, AA) for trainer Wayne Piquette.

Bussmann-Balakas Kennel's BF Par Lance (B, A) and Texas Ranger (B, A) have two straight wins for trainer David O'Keefe.

Abrahamson Kennel's Skate Keith has back-to-back victories (B, A) for trainer Tom Engle.

Charter Kennel's Blackjack Ignite has two wins in a row (B, A) for trainer Robert Cooley.
By Stan Pawloski

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