Thursday, August 18, 2011

NGA News - Adoption groups band to aid Panhandle

Three non-profit greyhound adoption and support groups have formed the “Sunburst Greyhound Adoption Project and Kennel” in a unique and unprecedented effort to move large numbers of retired racing hounds from several Florida Panhandle tracks to adoption groups throughout the country.

The  Project is a joint effort of The Greyhound Alliance (, which will provide funding through the generous donations of its membership and fundraising projects; The Northern Consortium (NoCo), an organization of several adoption groups in the Great Lakes region which has moved more than 900 Panhandle greyhounds in the past; and the Emerald Coast Chapter of Greyhound Pets of America (, the largest racing hound adoption organization in the nation. The NoCo and GPAEC will provide the human volunteers to prepare the dogs and arrange for transport to adoption groups in non-racing states.

Ebro Greyhound Park has donated the kennel space to house greyhounds for the Sunburst Project Kennel, along with Ebro ’s Pet Express Adoption Kennel. The Project will take in overflow pets from the pet kennels at Pensacola and Monticello as well as Ebro, on an “as needed” basis. More than 150 greyhounds will be available at any given time through the Sunburst Project, with that number expected to more than double with upcoming track seasonal closings in September and October.

The Kennel will be a staging point to get the hounds processed through Panhandle area veterinarians including a physical exam, spays or neutering, vaccinations, and ready for transport. The project hopes to accept hundreds of retired racers from Florida Panhandle tracks at Ebro, Pensacola,  and Monticello , and hopes to help dogs from other tracks on a space available basis.

For more information about the Sunburst Greyhound Project and Kennel please contact:
Greyhound Alliance : 

Rich Ingersoll, President; Phone 708-334-7688
The Northern Consortium: Linda Cliffel; Phone 813-468-8771
GPAEC:  Ann Bollens, Executive Director; Phone 850-380-5562
Roger Spencer, President; Phone 850-200-8283

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