Friday, August 5, 2011

Star Struck by Gary Dura

It's not often I'll write about a pup that lost, but I couldn't resist in this case.

Astarblackmagic lost his first race at Dubuque Greyhound Park Sunday. He rolled through his first three races, going from Grade D up to A. In his schooler, he dominated.

Sunday, against the top dogs, he broke in stride with Poker Man Jake and JD Andromeda, got pushed back in the early going and finished fourth.

But the pup didn't quit the entire race, searching for space and gradually moving up. He had a little trouble in the back stretch, which I think cost him a top three finish.

I bring up the pup for two reasons: First, it shows how difficult it is to remain undefeated, especially when a greyhound reaches the top grade. Second, it's the type of dog to look for to bet on. He keeps going forward, driving through trouble to hit the board.

Those are dogs that payoff for you. That's one of the factors to check out: Does the dog quit when the going gets tough? If it doesn't, consider it for your bet.

Astarblackmagic is from the River Bluffs kennel, and is trained by Brad Hess. He raced 27 times at Wheeling, hitting the board 12 times. I consider Wheeling one of the top tracks (and also one I have a hard time cashing a ticket!)

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