Monday, April 30, 2012

Close counts in greyhound racing by "Pup"

To be successful in greyhound wagering you must have a chest full of 'tools' to help you be successful. A few items on this list should be:

1. Proper Bankroll

2. Ability to find power keys
3. Ability to find Value keys

There are many more. Today I will discuss Value keys. In my daily grind as a professional handicapper I rely on POWER KEYS for more than half of my wagering profits. These keys win a high percentage of the time but are usually chalk (betting favorites). I leverage my ability to spot them and play them with a mathematically advantaged wager structure. In short, I hit the exotic wagers with less combinations bet than the average person playing the race. Their wasted wagers/combinations wind up in my pocket as profits.

Value keys come from several different insights. The easiest to spot is the 'close' greyhound. Let's assume you have a race with a really strong greyhound. When you compare this greyhound to the others in the race you see that there is one or two others that are very close in speed and ability. Now the obvious greyhound may go off at 2/1 odds or less, but these other 'close' contenders may go off and 5/1, 9/1 or even higher. If you can learn to spot these races and track them you will find that the obvious greyhound doesn't really win at a significantly higher rate than the others that are close. But you are getting a lot higher odds on the close contenders. So what is your strategy here?

I would say you  dump the chalk and play the VALUE hounds in that race. You may find when the chalk key wins the trifecta may only pay $50 or $100. But when the CLOSE contenders with it could pay $500 or higher. This is especially true when the obvious chalk missed the board (which happens often!) So you should always have a combination or two played that takes into account the chalk greyhound not even making the money.

Be smart and you will see that CLOSE counts in horseshoes AND greyhound racing!

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