Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gulf Greyhound of the Week - C Ya Big Shot

C Ya Big Shot
There is a quote, `good things come to those who wait`, that can be used for this week’s recipient of the Greyhound of the Week honors. During a span of 107 career starts on the Texas Gulf Coast over nearly two years, C Ya Big Shot of LaRosa Racing Kennel and owned by Darin Neal and Rodrick Neal, experienced his moment in the sun and accomplished something for the first time in his career, winning a top grade AA contest.

The name of the game for C Ya Big Shot consists of his rail running style and closing ground from the back of the pack. After beginning his long journey in July of 2010, C Ya Big Shot slowly worked his way through the grade ladder trying both the 550 and 660-yard distances. In late April of 2011, C Ya Big Shot reached Gulf Greyhound Park’s top grade but experienced trouble over his next three races and the stay was cut short.
Times grew difficult for C Ya Big Shot for the remainder of 2011 spending the majority of the year competing over the 660-yard course holding his own throughout the middle grades of B and C but fell to a low point by the end of the year racing in grade D.

After a two-month stint away from the racing oval, C Ya Big Shot took 2012 by storm winning three of his first five races over the 550-yard course this time and won again on March 18 to reach top grade AA once again. Ever since this latest accomplishment, C Ya Big Shot has remained in the Gulf’s top two grades and this past week proved to be the shining moment in his two-year career.

The week started great on Sunday afternoon May 13 winning a grade A contest by 7-½ lengths. The stage was set for C Ya Big Shot’s next outing on Saturday matinee May 19 in front of another large crowd waiting for the second jewel of the Triple Crown. The post draw was favorable with the #1 rail post but the top grade field included GGP’s win leader so far this year, Johnny Guitar of Big Water Kennel, and several other recent grade AA winners. The early portion of the race was a dream trip with a large opening presenting itself and no traffic in the way allowing C Ya Big Shot to gain early ground into third place around the first turn behind leaders Slatex Utah of Bone Man Racing Kennel and DLT Annika of Lingle Kennel. Approaching the far turn, DLT Annika had assumed control of the race but C Ya Big Shot nudged DLT Annika out of his way saying, `no way, this race is mine` and slipped through on the rail. The rest was history as C Ya Big Shot ran away from his rivals with ease on the way to a 5-½ length triumph in a career best time of 29.94 seconds. What a way to win his first top grade AA contest!

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