Monday, June 30, 2014

TIPS for July 01

Birmingham Tue E, Race 07 #1: CG'S JAILEE
Birmingham Tue E, Race 11 #7: WWW DELTADOTCOM
Birmingham Tue E, Race 13 #3: TOPAZ MISS EBONY

Daytona Beach Tue E, Race 02 #4: Wiki Big Country
Daytona Beach Tue E, Race 04 #2: Carolina Shy

Ebro Tue E, Race 04 #1: Flying Catfish

Flagler Tue A, Race 02 #4: Fire Down Below
Flagler Tue A, Race 04 #4: Fuzzys Pebbles
Flagler Tue A, Race 08 #7: Ww's Shotgun
Flagler Tue E, Race 06 #2: Kiowa June Jax

Palm Beach Tue A, Race 11 #1: Power Nap

Derby Lane Tue E, Race 01 #4: Rag Time Eddy
Derby Lane Tue E, Race 15 #3: Goodbye Orlando

Sunday, June 29, 2014

TIPS for June 30

Birmingham Mon A, Race 03 #6: BRASKA FERGIE
Birmingham Mon A, Race 06 #5: WW'S DUST PAN
Birmingham Mon A, Race 07 #3: LOOKOUT LEAH
Birmingham Mon A, Race 10 #3: CTW STINGIN STUD
Birmingham Mon A, Race 13 #1: AMF DOWNSIDELEFT

Daytona Beach Mon E, Race 04 #8: Ww's Lavish
Daytona Beach Mon E, Race 13 #4: Foxy Amore

Orange Park Mon E, Race 09 #2: Ermnine

Palm Beach Mon A, Race 11 #4: Roca
Palm Beach Mon A, Race 13 #7: Star Baby

Southland Mon T, Race 07 #3: Flying Graykrest

Sanford Orlando Mon A, Race 01 #5: Twenty Twenty

Derby Lane Mon E, Race 02 #4: Ww's Genesis
Derby Lane Mon E, Race 09 #3: Johnny Dangerous

Tucson Mon E, Race 13 #5: Boc's Bugaboo

Saturday, June 28, 2014

TIPS for June 29

Bluffs Run Sun A, Race 06 #3: HOMER
Bluffs Run Sun A, Race 09 #6: LUCKY ONE

Dubuque Sun A, Race 03 #3: Pj Assassin
Dubuque Sun A, Race 04 #1: Super C Riddick
Dubuque Sun A, Race 09 #7: Jd Belligerent
Dubuque Sun A, Race 12 #2: Superior Marine

Flagler Sun E, Race 01 #1: The King Is Back
Flagler Sun E, Race 02 #7: Kiowa India Trey
Flagler Sun E, Race 08 #8: Hs Bobaruskee
Flagler Sun E, Race 09 #5: Kelsos Laffitt
Flagler Sun E, Race 12 #3: Carl Lackey

Orange Park Sun A, Race 07 #4: Ww's Triumph

Palm Beach Sun A, Race 02 #7: Gangstaofdagroov
Palm Beach Sun A, Race 11 #7: Crt Lightning

Southland Sun A, Race 05 #2: Gm's Elisah
Southland Sun A, Race 15 #6: Kl's Dakota

TriState Sun E, Race 03 #7: Big Pretty Jamie
TriState Sun E, Race 13 #7: Bahama Sun

Wheeling Sun A, Race 04 #4: Kiowa Frank Sell

Friday, June 27, 2014

TIPS for June 28

Birmingham Sat A, Race 03 #6: BROKEN DESIRE
Birmingham Sat A, Race 06 #2: CG'S JAILEE
Birmingham Sat A, Race 09 #3: CTW ESMERALDA
Birmingham Sat A, Race 14 #3: TOPAZ MISS EBONY
Birmingham Sat E, Race 02 #8: T'S FLYIN THRU

Bluffs Run Sat A, Race 05 #3: LD RAGGED RUSS

Daytona Beach Sat A, Race 11 #7: Lonesome Lesley

Dubuque Sat A, Race 06 #7: Super C Diesel
Dubuque Sat A, Race 13 #3: Aj's Graceland
Dubuque Sat A, Race 15 #7: Smoke And Rum

Ebro Sat E, Race 04 #1: L's Hi Fi Brian

Flagler Sat A, Race 01 #2: Jb's Double A
Flagler Sat A, Race 04 #3: Flying Palermo
Flagler Sat A, Race 06 #5: Santa's April
Flagler Sat A, Race 07 #4: Tempest Rain
Flagler Sat A, Race 08 #3: Kpop Episode

Orange Park Sat E, Race 03 #6: Wv's Wharton
Orange Park Sat E, Race 09 #7: Par Super Easy

Palm Beach Sat A, Race 10 #6: Gez Jacked Up

Pensacola Sat E, Race 07 #7: Par Flipdown

Southland Sat A, Race 01 #2: Flying Freya
Southland Sat E, Race 13 #2: Slice Of Heaven

Sanford Orlando Sat A, Race 13 #8: Sharp Curve
Sanford Orlando Sat E, Race 09 #4: Bartsstormwarnin

Derby Lane Sat A, Race 03 #1: Husker Nijash
Derby Lane Sat A, Race 04 #4: Go Get Em Lurch
Derby Lane Sat A, Race 15 #8: Bmb United
Derby Lane Sat E, Race 04 #5: T's Tornadoalley
Derby Lane Sat E, Race 08 #8: Se's High Onlife

Tucson Sat E, Race 08 #5: Shoo Shoo

TrackInfo Time Hits the Track at Southland!

The oldest member of the TrackInfo Time Racing Kennel, TrackInfo Time hit the oval at Southland Greyhound Park on June 9th.

His 3 schooling lines (June 9th, June 16th and June 23rd) show a steady improvement that we are all so proud of.

He is entered in his first official race this Saturday June 28th. He will be running in the Afternoon Race #5. He has pulled the 5 box – he is a little closer to the rail than his schooling races which were all out of the 7 or 6 box. It is too early to tell where exactly he likes to run but we do know he has improved his time on each outing.

The morning line puts him way down with the odds makers – but here's to proving them wrong!

It is TRACKINFO TIME – Saturday Afternoon Race 5 @ Southland!

Here is a link to his history: TrackInfo Time Race History

Monday, June 9, 2014

Announcing Track Info's very own Racing Team!

We are very excited to announce that Track Data Systems, the parent company of, is putting together a racing team the size of a full kennel of dogs that will compete at numerous tracks across the country!!

The first three members of the TrackInfo Racing Team are now undergoing final training at the David Blair Farm in Abilene, Kansas. TrackInfo Time sired by Trent Lee out of Starz Arcadia is the oldest of the pups and will soon be making his debut on the big track.

TrackInfo Night, TrackInfo Now, TrackInfo Rene, and TrackInfo Mike are still too young for track racing. They will need further training at the farm before they are ready to move up to the big time.

We will follow our entire list of greyhounds and keep you updated on their progress as they transition to the track and move up the grading ladder.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Governor Terry Branstad signs the bill in Iowa

This past Friday on May 30th, Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad signed into law the measure that allows Council Bluffs and Mystique Casino to cease greyhound racing by the end of 2014 with industry group to continue races at the track.

Mystique Casino will be allowed to end greyhound racing after this season and is set to pay a $7 million settlement to the greyhound industry over the next 7 years. 

Council Bluffs will pay a $65 million settlement and could end racing by the end of 2015.